d0nut o1 Has Been Retired

*gasp* You’ve changed your Gamertag twice in one year?

Yeah I did. What of it?

Why the obsession with “Donut”? Donut – of RedVsBlue fame – was the character that most aligned with my gameplay style of Halo for the PC. Remember, I picked up my initial Gamertag in 2004; Halo for the PC was already supporting multiplayer and RvB was already popular in the Halo community. When playing multiplayer Capture the Flag, I was always the guy that casually walked into an enemy base, pick up the flag, and walk out – clueless to the end. That was Donut in Season One: he got the blue flag and blew up Tex (and he wasn’t even gay yet – just metrosexual).

When I got my Gamertag it was Donut 04. That was fine for a while, but it lost it’s “charm” two years later. If I could have gotten Donut 01 back in 2004, I would have been happy, but it was long gone. When I decided to update my ‘tag in January, I decided on D0nut O1 [d0nut o1] which looked like DONUT 01 in Halo 2. That was fine, but the problem is telling other people about your Gamertag. Sorta like if you have a domain with a – in it. It also irked me that I had to resort to numbers in my ‘tag.

And so I decided that my Gamertag will be my “mob name” – Randy No Arms

And you won’t find me online for a while yet, since my 360 is in the shop – I borrowed a work box to do this!

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