Primal Forces

I was flipping through the radio stations this morning and came across the Adam Corolla Show. They’re sending someone to a local Best Buy, where Sony fanboys – or auctioners for Sony fanboy, but it shouldn’t matter – are lined up to get a PS3 on Friday. They want to see if they can get people to get out line, if bribed with free sex from the Bunny Ranch [in Nevada].

Man… that’s a hard one to call.

5 thoughts on “Primal Forces”

  1. I heard a couple of news stories about people getting mugged while waiting in line for PS3. Some guy in Connecticut was shot at 3AM while waiting in line after he refused to give up his money. I wouldn’t never take a wad of cash and wait in line at 3AM. This happened in some tiny podunk town in CT where there was no store security or cops.

  2. I just heard about it on local TV. There were security cameras at the Walmart in Putnam CT, but the two muggers wore black ski masks to shield their faces from the camera. They went through the line mugging each fanboy camped out until one person in line stood up to them and said “You’re not going to get away with this!”. Then one of the muggers opened fire with his shotgun and now the victim is in stable but critcial condition at UMass hospital.

    The muggers fled off by foot from the parking lot.

  3. I can’t believe it was Putnam.

    Heard about it this morning at work… Our local top story was a construction crane falling in downtown Bellevue: sliced a building in half and killed some poor dude that was just hanging out in his apartment when the crane finally stopped falling. When I heard CT, I instantly thought “Trumbull Mall.” And then a bunch of towns ran through my head: New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, and Monroe. Heh, Monroe. They don’t even HAVE a store that would sell a PS3.

    But PUTNAM? I mean. When did they even GET a WalMart?!

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