I’m Aghast.

I’ve had a blog for over five years now. I’ve hosted it on a few different types of server over the years. Each had their pros and cons – I originally switched to TypePad so I wouldn’t have the pain of hosting MovableType on my own… Long story short. The net effect of all of this is that I can’t leave comments on my own blog.

In the meantime, email me with anything pressing – TypePad doesn’t host that for me so they can’t turn that off without warning me.

Yes, I’m furious, but I’m hoping that I can escalate this with tech support – how upset I remain will depend on the give me an answer and how satisfactory it is to me… in the past, I’ve gotten “Oh, yeah, we’ll get around to it” in response and that’s so not going to fly this time.

What sucks even more is that Steve may have been completely right when he switch hosting companies…

2 thoughts on “I’m Aghast.”

  1. Whoa… looks like I can leave comments again… I don’t know what has changed, but I’d say *something* has…

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