Hard Being A Woman

It’s harding being a woman on Zack’s island.

I played Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 from start to finish, as Kasumi. I didn’t win one game of volleyball, I got my ass bruised from the butt-bumping game, I fell in the water 57 times during the pool hopping, lost several hundreds of thousands of Zack-Dollars, I had at least a dozen gifts re-gifted/returned to me, and I lost my only friend after seven days on the island. And not one damned Achivement point – in spite of the endless bouncing, I feel so…


2 thoughts on “Hard Being A Woman”

  1. I think your trying to hard Randy. Most people just play that game one handed and for only a few minutes. Your probably one the few that actually tried to accomplish something with it. Kudos for trying, but don’t stress dude. I think Sneak King has more of a point that Xtreme 2.

  2. Oh crap, that’s right: I probably wasn’t supposed to PLAY the game! What a Geek… :D

    On another note, I did get 30 points from Sneak King for just 20 minutes.

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