MacWorld Rehash

In a nutshell… iTV is right around the corner as Apple TV – is to iTunes what the 360 is to Media Center with 10GB more on the HDD. In fact, I don’t think it can download from iTunes directly – like the 360 can – but it does stream from iTunes directly…

The iPhone is live and looks pretty slick, but I refuse to go ga-ga over it until I see it in person which won’t be until June unless Cingular fucks it up. I like the spirit behind the design. If I can’t sync over the air, it’s a deal breaker. The multi-finger thingy has promise but historically I haven’t like touchscreens due to fingerprints, grease and icky experiences. Love the idea of a sensor that turns off the touchscreen; should help with taps in the pocket. Dig on the idea of widgets on the phone.

If it was a proper iPod – meaning no phone and no wireless – at $250, I’d be ordering it now and selling my PSP. The PSP? 4GB Memory Stick Duo is like $400. How can you justify a memory accessory that is more than the damned device?! Anyway…

Other things of interest: no Core Duo 2 in the Mac mini, no mention of Leopard [should be called a slip but never will me], no mention of iLife/iWork [historically a ship, but won’t be called that] and no music only players.

At least my portfolio is glowing green for a change!

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  1. the Apple TV can download and store videos from 1 iTunes account account and stream video from up to 5 itunes accounts. What the demo showed was if some guy comes over your house you can stream his itunes shows/movies onto your tv.

    It was pretty cool.

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