Simple Problem – Simple Solution

MSNBC: Seventeen-year-old Patrick Agin often spends a week whittling a single arrow, and he’s learning to make chain mail armor by hand. So when it came time to submit a senior yearbook photo, he selected a snapshot of himself wearing chain mail and slinging a prop sword over his shoulder. Portsmouth High School rejected the photo, citing a “zero tolerance policy” for weapons, and Agin and his family sued, claiming the school was violating his right to free speech.

Ya know – if they got the kid laid, this whole medieval hobby would simply fall by the wayside.

4 thoughts on “Simple Problem – Simple Solution”

  1. Geeks just can’t get laid – especially high school geeks. That’s why there are so many 40 year old virgins out there who are men. It’s not by choice.

  2. Yeah, but that’s also why he’s trying to bring in armor into his class picture… get the kid some nookie and he won’t care about it anymore.

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