Get Back To Work!

CNN: The House of Representatives passes a non-binding resolution rejecting President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq.

And now, a memo to a higher office; open letter to the powers that be: Get back to work you hosers!

I said it last month: the House and Senate have no impact on the decision to send more troops to Iraq. […] Wasting time? Yes. Doing all of this to look good in front of “the people”? Yes. Politicking? Yes – in other words, be it a red or blue Congress, it’s business as usual.

Yet here we are, a month later, and they’re still jerking off all over this resolution.

What else would you call it? Self gratification with no real purpose? That’s a wanking session if I’ve ever heard of one. They’ve wasted tax payer’s time and money on this. Wasted it. Not to mention all of the bile it’s caused me. Ran the batteries out in my TV remote, trying to dodge it. My favorite is that people keep calling this “Vietnam” like. Whoa, buddy, slow down. The public was pissed over Vietnam because that war started covertly, a VP that resigned in shame and a Prez on his way out in a swirl of controversy – not to mention imminent gas shortages, the cold war, inflation, and the birth of disco. Was easy to be angry then – it wasn’t just the war and it certainly because we were trying to curb a red Chinese-based -ism in Asia. It wasn’t because people were dying in Vietnam. They weren’t even aware of the war until the draft started to get aggressive. Then it become a problem for people, just like Cindy Sheehan.

The only reason why people care about the Iraqi war is because the media told them to.

Don’t like hearing that? Tough. We’ve lost just over 5% of what we lost in Vietnam, even less compared to Korea, and a trace ammount compared to WWII. Yet people are still making the comparisons. All troops were deployed with media attention. Hell, Congress nearly wet their pants, they were so eager to bless the initial deployment. History will tell what bad decisions got us there – that ship has sailed. We can’t fix that – the question now is “if we pull out/keep going/send more, what happens?” How can we get past the current problem, is what we need to focus on.

The question Congress should be talking about is “what is best for America?” And Iraq, I guess, if they ever get around to realizing that they are running their own nation now. The question shouldn’t be if an extra 10% of the body of currently deployed troops is going to matter.

What is Congress doing? Do they think the President doesn’t already know that he’s in deep shit with the public? Every press conference includes one monolog after another about his position and his attempts to justify it. I know the boy ain’t that bright but I’d like to think he knows enough math to figure out what a 35% approval rating means. He knows he’s not popular. He knows people don’t agree with him.

What’s more is that he doesn’t have to care about it. He’s in his second term: truth is that he doesn’t need anyone’s approval. He just needs to not get thrown out for illegal actions and then go on the lecture circuit. The message from Congress to him will amount to “WAH!” and he can continue to do what ever he wants.

Welcome to a Democratic controlled Congress: it’s all about talk. It’s about feelings, rather than actions. Reflective thoughts rather than outward guidance. Rehashing what the public wants to hear so you can win a high school popularity contest rather than doing your job: making my nation a better place.

It’s almost the cast of The View is Congress and The Donald is the President. Really, it is.

Think about it.

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