zOMG! President WOP!

This made my entire day.

MSNBC: Giuliani: ‘A real good chance’ of 2008 bid. Former New York mayor said he is leaning toward presidential campaign

I don’t care which party he runs for – I’m all in. In fact, if he sticks to the Republican party, which he probably will, I think he’s more balanced than any other candidate in recent history. Italian, smooth and active (as in cleaning up New York City), calm under fire (as in 9/11), and divorced (religion may be important but he’s still smart in a secular way)… and the Democrats don’t seem thrilled with Hillary yet and Obama is still a wild card…

Should be an interesting year either way.

8 thoughts on “zOMG! President WOP!”

  1. Rudy the Rabbit! Rudy the Rabbit! Remember Meatballs ?? Here’s a portion of the dialogue:

    – How’s the leg?

    – It’s okay.

    For now. But if you don’t win,

    we cut it off. Okay, here’s the thing.

    On open ground this guy could take you,

    but you’re runnin’ through the woods.

    You got a chance. You’re smaller

    and you can run through bushes faster.

    You’re like a little rabbit.

    You’re Rudy the Wabbit, okay?

    When you’re running, think,

    “I’m Rudy the Wabbit.”

    Stay right behind him

    until you get to the woods.

    When you get to the woods, pass him.

    Don’t even look in the rearview mirror.

    Be ahead of him when you get to the edge

    of the woods, ’cause when you get out…

    there’s open ground,

    and that’s where you’ll have trouble.

    You gotta have a hell of a lead

    when you get outta the woods.

    – All right, what’s your name?

    – Rudy Gerner.

    No. It’s Rudy the Wabbit.

    What’s your name?

    – Rudy the Rabbit.

    – You’re the winner.

  2. Rudy the Rabbit? That could become his campaign slogan, especially if Giuliani wins Iowa and New Hampshire a year from now. Then again I’m amazed at how early candiates kick off presidential campaigns these days.

    Funny story – when I was a kid back in January 1976, we got the Weekly Reader (newspaper for kids) in school, and it showed all the presidential candidates (as cartoon charactures) on the front page. I looked at it, pointed to Jimmy Carter and declared he will win the election. My friend said: “How do you know he will become President” and I replied: “Because he has the best hair out of all the candidates.”

  3. I can’t believe no one has mentioned this in the mainstream media (probably because of politically correctness). Does the DNC REALLY think middle America is going to vote for someone named Obama ?

    Come on, you mean the DNC can’t come up with anyone else to vote for ?

  4. They got someone else: Hillary.

    What will be interesting to see is if the DNC remembers that their candidates aren’t running against Bush this year. I mean, in 2004 the entire platform was “vote for us because we’re not this guy”. So far, Hillary hasn’t done much but re-iterate that. At least Obama has been somewhat original… should be interesting to see if he goes further than Dean.

    As for middle America, if you listen to the media, their votes count half as much as people on either coast. Or didn’t know that? :)

  5. Well, it has been nearly one year since your post, and it looks like Rudy’s campaign may have run out of steam. The best he could do was place third in the Florida Primary – after all the effort he put into that state campaigning.

    Sorry but I think America’s Mayor should have run for NY governor in 2006. He could have easily beaten Elliott Spitzer. Then run for prez in 2012.

    It ain’t over yet … we’ll see what happens on super duper Tuesday (2/3/2008) when 22 states have their primaries – including NY and California.

  6. Sorry, I meant to write February 5th as the date for super duper Tuesday primary day in my previous comment. What did I wrote February 3rd??? I must have the Super Bowl date imprinted in my brain. :-P

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