Halo 2 for Vista – May 8

Microsoft: Microsoft Unites Xbox and PC Gamers With Debut of Games for Windows — LIVE […] Xbox LIVE extends to Windows Vista to create single online gaming service starting with “Halo 2” on May 8.

Time to let your keyboard and mouse feel needed again…

2 thoughts on “Halo 2 for Vista – May 8”

  1. They need to add all kinds of awesome crap to that game to be worth buying at this point. That game is like 20 years old or something. Seriously, that came out like the day after pong did or something.

  2. Hey if they can re-release Pong in 2003, anything is possible.

    I’m just sorta excited because it supports the 360 controller as well as keyboard/mouse. Whatever else happens after that? I ain’t saying :)

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