22 thoughts on “Cross Platform X-plorer Controller? Yeah, We Got That”

  1. Thanks for the information. We were also able to extract more information on Vista incompatibility, including some based on Frets on Fire and some based on the wrong detection of the device as a USB headset. ^_^

  2. Ah sweet! I was pretty thrilled that it was picked up as a controller – it makes sense that it could also be seen as a headset though too… great to hear that it can be worked out if it is (especially because the same thing should happen for those PC’s with a standard 360 controller!).

  3. Frets on Fire. It’s a game that is very much like GH on the PC. Also, the Halo 2 for Vista team actually tried playing H2 with the controller which was a riot!

  4. It should – if the regular 360 controller works on XP (which I’m 99% sure it does) then this should as well.

  5. Argh. I’ve been searching everywhere on how to get the 360 guitar controller to work in vista. You seem to be the only one who has accomplished it. Could yo give any details on how you did it? I need to know!

  6. Uh, I plugged it in. I mean, that was it. One thing you can also do is get the most recent DirectX drivers… but I dunno why it wouldn’t work there.

  7. help :(

    my x-plorer plugs in and opens up the found new hardware window, where it wants me to select what to install it with and is not recognized in the game controllers panel

  8. See the above. Also, I had plugged in a wired Xbox 360 Controller into the PC at one point or another… that too may have brought down an extra driver.

  9. I got the xbox360 controller driver from Microsoft, loaded Frets on Fire, plugged in the guitar (which auto loaded drivers) and had to calibrate it through the Frets on Fire controller menu before it recognized it. The game controller part of Control Panel had neck buttons 3 and 4 reversed, but I was able to assign the pads properly through the FoF Key Settings screen. It would be nice if I could select the Bass, but the fof guitar riffs are good enough for practice.

  10. Hey all… Does anyone can tell me whether the guitar for PC can play on XBOX360…? The reason Im asking is of course because the PC bundle costs approx. 30$ lower than the XBOX bundle. Any help much appreciated.

  11. To Mitsos,

    Yeah the xbox and pc guitars are the same thing, i have xbox my bro has pc and we can play on each other’s systems.

    the only difference seems to be the xbox one has fender written on the headstock

  12. I don’t know why your xbox controller should have “Fender” written on it. On the Rock Band controller, it does have “Fender” written on it. But for Guitar Hero, it is supported by Gibson.

  13. that controller is same as what was released with the pc version of guitar hero 3. i have tested it in xp as well as vista without any problems.

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