What’s In A Name?

I’m not sure what’s gotten into the Microsoft product name generator, but first Silverlight and now [according to the interwebs the TID is being called] Chatpad? Maybe someone realized that short names that can be tied to the product are better than a four or five [or six] word title that describes the product… I mean I hear Silverlight, I picture the swirly logo. When I hear AppleTV, I picture of a small Mac mini looking thing.

Fact: I don’t know which either product does but I know what the products are. Way better naming than normal, for us. And I like this trend.

A lot.

4 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Ok Randy sorry to be off topic but which Yankee game are you going to? And I would hope for some comments on the state of the Yankees according to Randy (after you get to see them up close of course)

  2. I’m not going. I hate going to see the Yankees play at Safeco. I have no animosity towards the M’s and if the Yankees are playing them I feel like I’m disrespecting their house by doing that. Unless they’re in last place, b/c then it doesn’t matter.

    The other reason is because of the cluelessly lost Boston fans. When NYY plays M’s 1/3 of the crowd is for the M’s, a 1/3 is for the Yankees and the 1/3 is for the Red Sox. Who aren’t even PLAYING that night. They can’t just cheer for the M’s, like I do when Seattle plays Boston – they can’t figure that out on their own – so them come to heckle the Yankees fans that go to the game.

    Ridiculous. Only proves that an inferior class of sports fan the Massholes are.

    ANYway. I’ll be watching on TV :) With one eye covered… damned pitching makes me skiddish this year and some how the M’s are playing some decent ball. Otherwise, The State of the Yankees is dire. The only thing that doesn’t have me looking for Seahwaks preseason tickets is that there’s another 4 months of baseball for them to get busy (especially once Boston starts their annual swoon!)

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