Her Is Lando

This was a real subject line from a piece of SPAM that I noticed while cleaning out my Junk Mail folder. What a hoot.

In other news, Trixie tells me that if I persist in wearing on wearing denim shorts to work, that she would, well, um, lets just say that there was certain threats made that had nothing to do with kicking in a FIFA match or with the jewels in Bejeweled. Anyway, I now know that I’ll have to wonder what she’s looking at when I’m lomping around the cafe in a food coma. Wonder if I can get workman’s comp if I get jacked while waiting in the espresso line… huh.

Guess I should start wearing a cup to work. *g*

2 thoughts on “Her Is Lando”

  1. Oh yeah, I know her. We’ve been fueding for a long while now – even before I joined the gaming group – especially over this very topic: denim shorts.

    This year I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t seen her while wearing the offending items, but that won’t last all summer… thankfully she was at E3 for a most of last week ;)

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