Vista: Custom RDP Resolutions

I’ve been using a custom resolution for Remote Desktop connections between my old notebook (1400×1050) and desktop PC’s (often 1600×1200) because I want to make full use of the space that I have, on the screen that I’m currently on. Why not take advantage of my wider screen notebook, when remoting into a PC?

The tricky part to this is that you have to edit the RDP file directly, using notepad. For the most part, I don’t recommend editing the entire file this way, but you certainly can try different resolutions by tweaking desktopwidth and desktopheight… hit and miss thing, that. If you have any reservations about this stick to the UI!

The other part of the tweaking comes into play when working with the window position.

However, the real reason for me posting this here isn’t to help other people ravage their RDP files – it’s to remind myself how I can tweak the position of the RDC window, mostly because I hate scroll bars.

Having said that, when working with winposstr:s:, I will always use the following: 0,1,,,, – so for my current 1920×1200 notebook, if I want to have a 1400×1050 session with no scroll bars and towards the center of the screen, my winposstr line looks like this:


The +16 is to offset the verticle scrollbar – the +36 is 16 for the horizontal scrollbar and 20 for the caption bar (on Vista).

Like I said – it’s mostly to remind myself, but I also figured it’s nice to share *g*

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