Bug: Google Language Tools

Whoo, is this a strange bug in Google’s translational engines… I’m not sure what Brazil’s Major Nelson [my boss] was up to, but he came by today and said, translate this with Google’s engine – translate it from English to Italian and see what you get:

Nintendo Wii is the best videogame

In Italian, I got: Xbox è il miglior videogioco. Translating it to Portuguese, I got: PlayStation é o melhor videogame. French, strangely enough, passed it through OK.

Methinks someone has a translating engine bug in a couple of languages, not that I don’t appreciate the free advertising. *g*

One thought on “Bug: Google Language Tools”

  1. Sorry Randy … but every time someone mentions Major Nelson, I can’t help thinking about that TV show I Dream of Jeannie. I spent countless hours as a kid in the 1970s watching reruns of that show after school.

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