Jump In: Part III version 2

Lo! Behold a Ship-It montage! This collection of Ship-It’s are a small sample of my shipped products as well as some of the people I work with…

Want some of this? Keep reading: I’ve got two positions open on my team and I really need to fill them… after all, we’re already in full blown “busy” mode for the Holiday season.

Wanna know what we’re shipping this year?

Updated: here are the two direct links to the positions I currently have open: 214715 and 223754

What’s a Ship-It award? Part of Microsoft tradition, truth be told. They were mentioned in Microserfs and they are scattered throughout Internet-based lore… in image and text, in fact. As one ‘softie put it: Ship-Its are a long standing tradition at Microsoft, ever changing and often indestructible awards for each product you helped ship in some way. -Kevin (Microsoft)

What’s interesting about being involved with gaming at Microsoft is that we tend to put our own spin on the ship it. Most of the Ship-It’s I’ve seen are either golden (1990’s style) or silver (2000’s style). A number of ours have either color accents or full blow color logos, most recognizable being the Halo 2 and Xbox 360 logos. Neat things to have slapped on your desk, especially since Geeks are always so conscious of swag.

Onto the job in question. Pop over to http://www.microsoft.com/careers, login, and search for job code 214715 or 223754. Long story short I’m looking for two SDET’s that raise an eyebrow at the following: “The successful candidate will have at least 4 years of professional experience in development using C++ and C#, 4 years of professional experience in software testing fundamentals, including performance, scalability and security testing of web services and SQL servers and strong communication skills. Previous experience with networking and protocols are definitely a plus too.”

Interested? Head over to the Careers site and submit your resume!

Like now.


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  1. Hey, there’s some depth there anyway – Kameo, included, as it was a launch title. One of the guys goes back to Return of Arcade (cerca 1996, I think) – another the original Xbox :)

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