Random Person Night

Random person night at the bar, last night… not many regulars, yet the place was still busy. Compared to the beerfest last week, this week was mostly about darts and pool – that too was as random as the people. Not weird people mind – just… random. Like the chick that was drawn like an anime character but acted like fathead decal whenever her boyfriend was within a 5 feet radius. Or the ex-boyfriend of a bar regular that showed up completely unexpected. Not too random on it’s own but this is the second ex to show up at the same bar in two weeks; she missed the first, found the second. Then spent five minutes of her seven minutes in the place, telling me how little impact his being there had on her, before she ran out the door.

Totally random. A lot of potential for drama, too, yet nothing spun up, which isn’t a bad thing really…


One thought on “Random Person Night”

  1. love the fat head / anime comment. very original & quite descriptive.

    i’ve been reading your stuff for a while, i work with your dad.

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