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MSNBC: Addicted gambler files $20 million casino suit

Her case? Casino management “had a duty to notice her compulsive gambling problem and cut her off.” I call bullshit, just on principle alone.

True, when she went on a multi-day bender and passed out at the tables, management should have had security take her up to her room… nothing worse than trying to play a hand with someone passed out or snoring next to you. But seriously, this lawsuit feels likeis more bunk than normal. Maybe because I follow the gambling industry. Maybe because I’m still bitter that it’s because of people like this that I can play poker online in WA state: I lose a right because a subset can’t control their own actions and we – as a free society – must save them from themselves.

With this woman, though… how on earth can she expect anyone – aside from herself – to monitor her gambling and have them decide when she’s gambled too much? Is the casino supposed to know that this once-lawyer was stealing money from clients to bet? She showed up with money – that’s all they can be aware of. Add to that the fact that she’s actively suing six casinos in two states. What the fuck does she think? That there’s a registry of “problem gamblers” actively reviewed and scanned on each table in Atlantic City and Las Vegas? If she’s so convinced that she has a problem now, why didn’t she get herself help while she was obviously aware of the side effects? Beyond that, some people equate their gambling problems with drug addiction. To that I ask: if your main dealer refused to sell to you, don’t you think you’d find someone else to conduct business with?

Ridiculous. I think I’ll file this in the “American Pastime” folder: I’m convinced that shirking responsibility has replaced baseball as our most favorite hobby. What’s depressing to me is that the file folder is getting awfully full.

Wonder if I can blame someone else for that and sue…

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