I, For One, Welcome Our New Scapegoats For Everything

ValleyWag: Cheerleader’s mom blames YouTube, MySpace for her daughter’s beating

The ‘goat just send this to me via IM, but I heard about it on the radio and I have to say… I look forward to being able to blame things that have been going on for over two hundred years on web sites. After all, bullying never existed before the Internet. People never got beat up before computers were networked. And God knows the floppy disk alone caused people to get pissed off for stuff that other people say.

FWIW, the only thing that I will blame – or credit – YouTube and MySpace for in this is the fact that they are helping natural selection along. If anyone is dumb enough to stage a fight, film it, and then blt it to the world with pride? They are need to go away for a while… if you use leeches can they syphon off the stupidity?

The only thing dumber than filming the fight is the fact that girl obviously did someone to provoke this reaction and did so in a public forum – I believe the audio from the video has snippets of “cheated” and “stole” which means that there’s a history here rather than a random act.

And of course the dumbest thing of all is that the media is now involved – makes me wonder what would have happened if the girls fought it out in Second Life.

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