I Said, “Shut up!”

MSNBC: “I send a message to Tibetans in the San Francisco area ‘Please do not make any violent activities,'” the Dalai Lama said Thursday morning during a stopover in Tokyo. “Of course, this is an expression of their feelings… No one has a right to say ‘shut up!'”

Actually, I find myself in the position to tell the Dalai Lama that he is wrong. I have every right to tell someone to ‘shut up!’

…I just don’t have the right to expect other people to shut up, just because I told them to.

2 thoughts on “I Said, “Shut up!””

  1. Damn right. You’ve told me to shut up, deleted my comments, and probably raised your blood pressure a little higher a few times with me. But I keep coming back and yacking away.

  2. If I recall correctly, I’ve only ever removed 3 posts in 7 years… and it wasn’t because of who commented, but the content. :)

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