You’re Doing It Wrong

Just a small blurb for the Democrats…

You’re doing it wrong!

A while ago I noted that W was pandering to the press as if he thought he had another term that he could run for… he was acting like he was planning on running again this year, which is obviously blocked by a Constitutional Amendment. And while that can be changed for people that do a good job – see Rudy’s last term as mayor for an example – most Americans are convinced that Georgie should be strung up by his entails and barred from ever having another job again, if not completely kicked out of the country. While I don’t equate the man’s record and belief system to be as bad as Hitler, there are other Americans that seem to think so – and have been vocal about it so it’s not like it’s breaking news here, ya?

In light of this obvious truth, why in the world are the Democrats stomping around the stage trashing Bush every other minute?

For me, my vote is available for either party. I wanted Rudy in the big chair, regardless of party – he didn’t get the nod, so that means that I’m open for either candidate. So… why is the press only ever reporting about Democrats that are trashing W? Does that mean the Dems are only ever talking about that? Sort of: I mean, I sat through a bunch of speeches at the DNC last night – every other statement was about what a shitty job W has done with the country. We know this already. Just because W sucked doesn’t automatically mean McCain will – take the time to tell me about what you can do for me, Democrats, rather than worrying about how bad the entire Republican party can/will be just because their last guy sucked. Because while you harp on the guy that’s leaving the office, the next candidate is quietly gaining on your boy and y’all are too distracted to counter it.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in your own nation will win you an election. The Republicans should have taught you that and they are poised to win Casa di Blanca using the very same strategy.

Trying to inspire Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt against a rival political party doesn’t get it done.

You’re doing it wrong. Again. Just like you fucked it up in 2004.

Stop it.


5 thoughts on “You’re Doing It Wrong”

  1. “we should lose this election, go into the wilderness, and get cleansed.” William F. Buckley

    ..because the GOP has lost it’s way dude.

  2. And it looks like McCain is about to demonstrate why he is the better candidate… He thinks 5 moves ahead… it’s called strategy.

    I’m with you, Rudy had my vote, but apparently the majority of our country tuned out 9/11 and watched Simpsons re-runs for the following 6 – 8 weeks… I also agree, my vote is always up for grabs. I spent a few hours on Obama’s website where he attempts to wooooo EVERYONE (except for the working midlle-class tax paying white guy) — he even has a page for LGBT!! I did a search for “LGBT” to find out why they get a page and our network blocked the results with a big WARNING: YOU DONT BELONG HERE! I searched from my iPhone… Ohhhhh, that’s why you only use initials for “them”.

    Anyway, after much reading Obama says mostly the right things, he just does not say HOW he will do it… and that is because he does not know how he will do it. Also, his foreign policy is going to make Russia the new world Super Power.

    Back to Strategy: McCain picking Gov. Palin… wow. There goes 20% of the Hillary vote, Obama. I’m not too sure the former Mayor/Hockey Mom of a small town in Alaska who has been a Gov for only 2 years is ready to sit in the #2 chair behind 72-year-old McCain — not too sure about that at all — but it will win the election for McCain. She is slightly younger than Obama, has about the same amount of “experience” as Obama… it’s going to be hard for them to tear her down.

    Strategy: Queen to Knight 1 — Check-Mate.

  3. @Dan: Right, but the problem is that the Dem’s seem to think that just by pointing at the GOP and saying “W lost his way so the whole party lost their way!” that it’s reason to vote Democrat. They could have taken 2004 – they lost because the platform for Kerry was “Vote for me because I’m not W!” or worse: “Vote for me because that guy sucks!” If he had just said SOMETHING that engendered leadership rather than “follow me becuase I suck less” the whole thing woulda been over and in a landslide. I know a lot of people that voted to re-elect W, not because he was good but because he was a Known Quantity – Kerry was a total unknown with his only claim to fame being “I suck less”.

    @dk – I’m still up in the air, on who to vote for. I’m still… charmed by Obama’s message of change, but now I want to know what or how he plans to evoke change. Especially since the power to enact change is really in the Legislative rather than the Executive branch. The Pres is often reduced to a troop mover and cheerleader – Congress can’t get a thing done the last few years (who could if you need to run for re-electection every two years) and nevermind the Senate. 100 ppl with 250 opinions… As for Palin, as a governor, she runs the whole state, rather than a small town – but I wonder what this will do to the GOP mindset. You have a young woman #2 to an old man – the old white man secures the south and midwest states, true, but does the woman knock out the same demographic? Hard to say. Does the increased numbers of womynists jump to support a Veep? Dunno.

    Either way, the election just jumped up an energy level: we’re making history regardless…

    – a black man takes the top seat

    – a woman takes the second seat

    – Dem vs GOP splits the nation and a third party takes the top seat

    Any one of the three makes history.

  4. You said it yourself Randy, the reason why the media covers Democrats bashing Bush back and forth is because the country hates him. And in our country full of half-wits and morons, they only like seeing news that they want to hear.

  5. Ah, but ya missed the point. Yes the media will spin a smiling baby into why W sucks – we know this. However at the DNC, the candidates/delegates had a wide open camera with no distractions. No reports to spin, no leading questions – it’s just them and the camera and it’s live.

    Yet the only thing they could seem to do was continue to bash W. Which is fine for sport but it doesn’t *win* swing votes… perfect opportunity to share what your plans are and alls I kept hearing over and over and over again was “Healthcare for all” and “W sucks and I don’t because I’m not W”.

    Sad. And there’s going to be a Republican in the White House for another four years because of it – I figured they woulda learned from 2004 but that doesn’t seem to be the case…

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