Don’t Cheer

Kotaku: Jack Thompson Disbarred

As much as you’d like to cheer that Thompson finally got his – and that FL finally got rid of a rather unstable and unethical lawyer – please don’t cheer. In fact, gamers should be very, very wary of this development… Thompson no longer has a legal bar to answer to and he doesn’t have to behave like a laywer anymore.

Basically, FL just gave birth to a complete loose cannon that has a rather lengthy record of successfully being in the spotlight for anti-video game movements.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Cheer”

  1. He can shoot his mouth off all he wants, but he’s lost all credibility, the guy is a walking punchline. I honestly think disbarring him was the right thing to do, he was making a joke of the legal system, trying to piss all over the first amendment. This was a step in the right direction.

  2. Except now he’s not required to fight fair. That’s the only thing that would worry me – TV loves crusaders with passion, even if they don’t make sense or have credibility… look at how many evangelists were able to bilk money off ppl as they “found” God. Meh.

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