Gag Order

I’ve been working with the New Xbox Experience for a while now… during my team’s last re-org, we became a part Xbox LIVE and the push to get the NXE bits onto consoles has impacted every single bit of the org. Design, Code, Test. Design, Code, Test. Code, Test, Code, Test, Test, Test, Test.

Doesn’t mean that I stopped doing my day job either – I’m still helping to put great new features into games shipping this November… in fact, that’s what has lead to the slow down of blog posts: been busy trying to RTM three Titles and helping out with NXE testing.

Sadly, there’s not much that I can say about the specifics on either the Titles or NXE… the features in the Titles will start to show up as reviews come in but for NXE, I can’t say much… what I can say is Wow.

Just… Wow.

Update: Looks like November 19th is the Official Date for the release of the NXE!

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