oO! A Fix!

Apple posted a new update for the Multi-Touch trackpad on Vista and I have to say: it’s better. Much better. I’m using it right now in Windows 7 (the PDC build) and it’s pretty solid. The main gripe I had was scrolling being erratic, right clicking being just plain unresponsive, and drag/select was flat out broken. You still need two fingers on the trackpad if you click with your thumb, but that makes sense in a way. Drag/select works really well now – it’s a very nice fix. Scrolling is only slightly better and still weird – at least it’s more spastic than erratic… what makes me smile is that they were able to fix other bugs; this one is fixable as well.

Over all, tho, I might not even pack an external mouse this weekend… oh yeah, I shoulda mentioned that: I’ll be travelling to see family this coming week and I’m taking the MacBook, instead of the Lenovo. The caveats to that were: a) Outlook via XP and VMWare works and is usable, b) said VM uses an external card reader and VPN if I have work issues, c) Boot Camp is running the PDC version of Windows 7 very well (although it could use better heat control,) and d) I was able to uninstall Entourage and it’s reminders.

Best thing of all: Live Mesh continues to impress me with how well it sync’s files – just added the Windows 7 and OSX machines to my account and *bam* – all of my “must have” files were there for me.

Good stuffs!

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