*sigh* – DOT Edition

MSNBC: Seattle-area freeways are getting smarter starting in summer 2010. High-tech overhead signs will display variable speed limits, lane status and real-time traffic information so drivers know what’s happening ahead.

Right, so people shouldn’t read or text while they drive, yet this is OK? Asking drivers to adjust-their-speed-on-the-fly if a sign flips and pick up on detailed “what’s ahead” messages? Unless they plan to jack the speed limit up to 70 during off peak hours, how can lowering the speed help traffic in any way, shape, or form? If it’s butts-to-nuts traffic, then setting the sign to 25 MPH is ridiculous. If it’s a free flow of traffic, they are never going to raise it above what it is now. The most this will help with is to post a lower speed limit during bad weather which drivers are supposed to do anyway.

Honestly, if they need to raise more money by writing more speeding tickets, just say so and save the cost of the signs.

One thought on “*sigh* – DOT Edition”

  1. Hecks yez you’re right. This is an asinine idea. “Freeways getting dumber” more like. I sure hope the trend doesn’t spread to down by me!

    I swear, some idiot comes up with an idea for a system for “smart” stop signs or “smart” manhole covers, and next thing you know his buddy in venture capital with connections upstate has you and me footing the bill for the massive upgrade to useless.

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