Uhhh. Really?

Engadget has a blurb about ChromeOS.

It’s too soon to make any major comments about it, until more information comes down the pike, but one thing that I jumped right off the page was “connect to the web every day and make sure you have all the current updates.” So, like, after years of hearing “Windows has too many updates!” when they only get propped once a week (or even once a month) Google is actually propping up daily updates as a feature? Wow… additionally, how comfortable are people with having an Open Source OS?

One thing that I’m really hoping changes is the screenshot of the UI: full window tabs for a UX? How OS/2 Warp can you get? Oh, wait, Warp supported multiple windows too… Honestly, I thought they had killed off MDI 15 years ago when true multitasking was possible.

Maybe the hotness is being saved for future reviews – if not, I’m pretty disappointed.

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