WA State: Yet Another Tax

MSN: Starting June 1, you’ll have to pay sales tax if you buy candy or gum in Washington state. Local taxes vary, but in Seattle, for example, that’s 9.5 cents more on a $1 candy bar.

It’s only 9.5 cents right now – there’s another effort to raise the sales tax to 9.7%.

What stands out here is the comment from the guy in eastern WA: he points out that the majority of the tax money goes to Olympia and Seattle – in all honesty, that’s also where the majority of the taxes come from – but he asks “Why don’t our government leaders take a pay cut to help out?” It’s a valid question but does cutting back on the spending (and salary) of one government match the same amount of money that will come from 6,664,195 taking more money out of their pockets in taxes? Salary won’t but it would be nice to see; spending is absolutely the thing that needs to get cut, but it won’t… at least not in WA state. We’ll be at 10% before the end of 2011 and still wondering where all the money went. We won’t have a solution for the Alaskan Way Viaduct or a solution for SR520. No progress on light rail to the Eastside. Bunch of new parks and at least four new ways to increase recycling, I’m sure, but even that won’t be tangible…

Makes me think I should have bookmarked the “our government is losing touch with the populous a little more each day” article I saw flitter by this morning…

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