PRK: Second Half Of Week 4 and Week 5

On December 6th, I voluntarily let someone stick a laser in my eye with hope of being able to get 20/20 vision without glasses or contacts for the first time since 1982.

Following the “first week”, “second week”, and “third and a half week” report, this is the rest of week four and five have gone so far…

To readers looking for the usual snark or Geeky babble, I’m sure it will return shortly, but I’ve run into so many people that have had questions about the procedure (and more importantly how the recovery is for me) that I thought I’d share the whole thing with the Internet at large… I don’t expect there to be much excitement past the fourth week, aside from the “Hey, it’s 20/15!” post that I’m still hoping for between the second and eighth week… time will tell.

Day 26

New Year’s Eve! And completely jet lagged. Slept in, slept early and slept often. Nothing really new to report around the eyes: still about 20/40.

Day 27

Same as New Year’s Eve, honestly; sight in the same state.

Day 28

Sight status: the same. Realization: when I see those “YOU MUST REMOVE SUNGLASSES IN TUNNEL” that I can now take them off and still see.

Day 29

Finally a visit to the doctor’s office. Vision is still between 20/40 and 20/30. Blurry vision is being caused by dryness in the eyes; I’m told this is expected for the first 12 weeks. Pressure is still OK. Drops are expected to continue throughout. Next visit is in two weeks: no cause for alarm or concern at this point. People may want to buy some shares of Allergan – I’m going through a ton of those Refresh eye drops.

Day 30

Sight status: the same. Realization: Drops work much better when you get them in your eyes, rather than on your cheeks.

Day 31

Sight status: the same, with one interesting new thing: after getting drops into my eyes I get brief glimpses of clear vision. Once I blink I lose it – some times it comes back for another second… makes it interesting!

Day 32

Sight status: the same.

Day 33

Sight status: the same.

Day 34

Sight status: the same. Honest. I’m not being glib. It’s just that they are pretty much the same, every day – they start out a little better than they were the night before and by night they end up “not as good” as they were in the morning.

Day 35

Sight status: the same. Realization: on a MacBook Pro, the compiler will not accept #inport no matter how much it looks like #import… it made coding fun today.

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  1. I’m 4 weeks out (still very blurry), stopped my steroid drops last week, reading these updates helps a lot. I was laughing crazy at my desk reading Day 30 update

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