The Gaming Industry Matures

Portal 2 hit today. The critics are spoodging all over themselves over it, much like they did for Portal 1. Users, on the other hand, are having a hissy fit. To paraphrase: VALVe overhyped it, the reviewers are too enamoured of it, the game play is too short, the PC/Mac versions feel “ported” and they have way too much DLC content – totaling $86 if purchased separately – that only offers cosmetic changes in the game… no extra levels, no power ups – just customization. And that reaction has caused critics to defend their reviews… nothing good can come from this.

Me? I haven’t bought it yet but I likely will. GLaDOS is too good of a character and Portal 1 was a classic piece of gaming not to give it a shot… That said, the above argument feels like when the Academy comes around with their Best Picture winner or when the Grammys start pushing their Best Pop Album which are called “critically acclaimed” yet the mass populous want no part of it.

Looks like the gaming industry has caught up to the rest of the entertainment industry: reviewers can’t be trusted for an unbiased opinion.

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