Uh… What?

Petition: No Netflix Parties, No Way.

Target: Petition for Microsoft to bring back Netflix Parties.

Sponsored by: The Community.

On December 6th, 2011, Microsoft updated its dashboard to the metro style look. With this update came a new and “improved” Netflix app. For us Xbox Love members paying $65 a year for Xbox Live and ~$100 for Instant Streaming Netflix we deserve the right to watch movies with our friends in a simple and easy way. Sign this petition to convince Microsoft to give us back our original Netflix App’s functionality with Xbox Live Parties. For more information follow @NetflixParties.

Uh… what?

Does anyone know this guy? He’s confused about a few things…

First and foremost: Netflix designed and wrote their application. He should be pushing feedback to them, rather than petitioning Microsoft. This reminds me of people that blame Apple for changes that Rovio makes to the UX or features of Angry Birds on iOS.

Second: while the “in app” version of Parties currently isn’t in Netflix, Parties are still supported by the console. You can be in a voice chat Party with anyone across the entire Xbox 360 ecosystem. The only time this isn’t the case is if a game disables Party chat to “prevent” cheating. “Prevent”? Yes, because you can easily call someone on the phone or use IM if private communication is really required to get something done.

Third: who wants to talk to people while watching a movie? At least if it’s kept within the Party you have less of a chance of pissing off other people, but hey – that’s just me.

Originally I was going to post this as “Uh, Parties still exist” but other people that have gotten the updated version of Netflix did point out that it’s more than just voice chat – when using the older version of Netflix, starting/stopping the movie was controlled by one person so you were in sync… now you’d have to do this by hand, which could be an annoying FirstWorldProblem… like syncing Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz.

Either way – can someone tell this guy that he’s petitioning the wrong company?

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