Study Group?

MSN Now: More students are turning to prostitution to pay debt

Should I be conflicted by this? Hard to say. I mean, back when I was in school – you know, before they invented color and the world was many shades of gray – people would shag away for the fun of it… not very discriminating in who they slept and not many problems came out of it. Given that “kids today” are sleeping together at a far younger age, whoring around with much more ease (and less shame), and wearing bumper stickers for skirts, shorts, and shirts, doesn’t it make sense to pocket the cash to pay for the rising cost of tuition and gain the education?

There’s a certain logic to it. If you take the morality out of the conversation, which the youth of any generation often do, and take the risk vs reward ratio out of it…

I blame the Jersey Shore.

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