iMediaMan version 2.2: Now Available!

iMediaMan v2.2 is now available in the App Store!

Seems that I haven’t posted some of the improvements that got iMediaMan from 1.1.1 to 2.2, but the majority of the newness came from 2.0, when I updated the UI for the longer screen of the iPhone 5, and now with 2.2 when I’ve recompiled for iOS 7. The good news is that Apple is still offering 2.1.1 for customers that have opted to stay on iOS 6, and there’s really no missing features. I made some little UI tweaks for iOS 7 but nothing major. I also took a look at the beta version of MediaMan for the PC (v4) and brought an MMC file to the iPhone: whatever changes have been made to the database are already supported by the current versions of iMediaMan which is good news.

Highlights in the 2.x releases:


– INFO: compiled for iOS 7.0 with updated controls


– FIX: Items without titles will no longer crash

– ADD: MMC files can now be opened from other applications (including Dropbox and SkyDrive); if the new database doesn’t show up in the list automatically, hit the refresh button and it will become available

– ADD: lists will shift The, An, and A from the beginning of titles to the end, allowing for better sorting; detail pages show the full title

– FIX: portrait vs landscape support has been improved in details pages

– ADD: every MediaMan MMC file now includes an [all items] entry; view and search across all items in one list

– FIX: retina display icon is now being used

– FIX: some better handling on landscape for details

– FIX: tweaked the layout on “Description”

– FIX: landscape mode on “Add a Library” handles rotate better

– FIX: better handling when the phone runs low on memory

iMediaMan for iOS FAQ | MediaMan for Windows information | iMediaMan in the iTunes store

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  1. For the record, I don’t use the star ratings on my MediaMan library… I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I gave Just a Geek no stars.

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