Business as Usual

“We live in an age where mass communication has counterintuitively turned all attempts of verbal debate into a basketball game where the teams are on different courts and stand around the baskets racking up meaningless points and throwing shit over the dividing wall.”
– Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw, Zero Punctuation

Kinda scary when you can lift something so profound and accurate from a blog-based video game review. Especially when you consider the author lives in Australia and likely doesn’t follow American politics or want to. Yet it accurately captures what I’ve been feeling lately about politics, Facebook, and – sadly – my fellow citizens.

And it’s likely going to continue to be accurate, as I don’t see an end in sight.

You see, the conservative GOP supporters continue to get religion confused with government and the liberal Democrats supporters keep telling me “you have freedom to think what you like, so long as you agree with us; if you don’t you must change your mind” and the seemingly inability of either side being capable of fixing things that they themselves fucked up in the first place. Both sides suck and neither side wants to fix problems; the invisible third party has little to no traction either. The supporters of seemingly every party sides mindlessly preach what they are told to say and are just as fast to prove that the “other side” is wrong… the only hope left is that a party wakes up to it’s botched marketing message and reboots.

Meanwhile, the nation obsesses over whether a woman in a relatively small city in eastern Washington lied on her job application when she was asked to proclaim her race.

I think I’ll go play some Viva Piñata for a few hours – better use of time.

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