USA Today: Trump is ‘unfit for the presidency’

Interesting thought, after seeing that USA Today has taken their first stance in a presidential debate which is kind of a big deal since it’s been printed for 34 years now.

For all of the people chest thumping that “The media is out to get Trump” has it every occurred to the same people that the most presidential thing that POTUS has to do is influence people without having to resort to threatens and violence? Meaning that if the entire media pool of the US is against your candidate that it means that he was *unable* to gain any influence from them.

FWIW, if the media went the other way, I would change “chest thumping” to “lamenting”, “Trump” to “Clinton”, and “he” to “she” but still be asking the same question. IMHO, if you can’t get *any* sway in the mainstream media before you get elected, it’s a pretty clear sign you shouldn’t be elected.

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  1. I come to your site to remap keys, not to hear your politics.

    And, for the record, I think Trump is a joke. But if you really think the press is equally attacking both, or they are not protecting Clinton, you’re asleep and dreaming.

    For example: I just heard on NPR an entire segment where the hippies sucking the government teat their whole lives breathlessly informed their listeners that some college is using Trump’s bawdy language tape to teach about ‘sexual assault’. Odd, given that the husband of the other candidate is a rapist.

    1. Then you’ll be looking for the link to the software page on the top of the page in the future. Because I’m pretty sure that since I’m hosting the site, writing the software, and giving it away for free, I’m free to post whatever the hell I want on my blog.

      To that end, the press will attack whoever sells more paper, airtime or click-impressions because that’s how they make money, NPR included. If NPR stops getting listeners, they lose their budget from the GOV, which means they also will spin their news to attract they audience. When Clinton was sick from a cold, that’s all you heard about. Her email bullshit saga continues to get daily press. When she comes off as hiding something, it’s all you hear about. However, while Clinton is somewhat juicy for news, she’s running against a self destructing train wreck that is attacking everything that doesn’t agree with him. If he’s getting more airtime or attacks in the press it’s because he’s an easier target and selling to the public better. Half of the people that put him on this podium wanted to see how far he could go – now that he’s almost there the same audience will watch how quickly he will be torn down either by his own actions or his own self-destruction.

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