Thanks, CodePlex – Hello, GitHub

Looks like CodePlex is beginning it’s long ride off into the sunset! As part of that, people that have their source code in the TFS instance we being encouraged to migrate their projects to GitHub. It’s a pretty straightforward process and so I’ve been spending some time getting my existing source up there:

SharpKeys, for keyboard remapping:

SharpMT, for blog writing:

Compile and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Thanks, CodePlex – Hello, GitHub”

  1. Hi Randy, thank you so much for SharpKeys! I’d been doing the keybindings manually for some time, and your utility makes it way easier!

    Question: Have you installed Win 10 Creator’s Update 1703 yet? If so, has it broken your key-bindings?

    For me, 1703 not only removed the “Scancode Map” registry entry, but when I re-added the Scancode Map registry entry, the keybindings still did not work (even after reboots, etc.). Only rolling back 1703 fixed it.

    I figured I’d ask you since there was a chance you’re using keybindings that might be affected. I’ve let MS know about the issue, for what it’s worth.


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