SharpKeys 3.9

SharpKeys is a Registry hack that is used to make certain keys on a keyboard act like other keys. For example, if you accidentally hit Caps Lock often, you could use this utility to map Caps Lock to a Shift key or even turn it off completely. This official release includes support for up to 104 mappings, an extensive list of available keys, and a “Type Key” option to help when managing mappings. As it relies on internal support within Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 you must be running one of these OS’s for this Registry hack to work.

With the release of version 3.9, I’ve recompiled the most recent code that has been posted to the GitHub project. This version includes some bug fixes and removes support for triple-byte keys that Windows doesn’t support (including hardware keys from HP and Lenovo.)

As always, I encourage anyone interested in working on the code to visit for more project changes.

Download SharpKeys 3.9: MSI | ZIP | requires .NET Framework 4.0

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  1. 3.9 is being marked by Windows as an unknown app from an unknown publisher and you have to click through SmartScreen to run the MSI

  2. Randy, how is Smartkeys 3.9 uninstalled?

    Does it just run from the .exe file instead of a full program install?

    1. I’m not sure I get the question. If you install the MSI, it installs like most Windows apps and can be uninstalled from the Add/Remove Programs screen. If you download the ZIP file, you can copy the EXE that’s in it to your hard drive or thumb drive and just run that. In that case there is no uninstall because there is no install performed.

      1. Thanks for the fast reply! I downloaded the zip file and I ran the executable file. Thanks for confirming that the .exe file runs directly without installing itself.

        The app worked well.

      2. Does it matter for the functionality wether I use the MSI or the ZIP?

        Or is the installation procedure the only difference?
        (Installing using ZIP seems more easy so I wonder what the added value of MSI would be.)

      3. Hi Randy, A customer has used Sharpkeys (zip,self contained exe) to install a key change a year ago. However, its not showing up in sharpkeys as available to delete and its still causing “trouble”. Ctrl+Q remapped.
        can you say what key in the registry your software writes into? I tried looking at your gitkey source and only found where it stores the window dimensions.

      4. When I started the zip version for the first time it said it will create a registry key. A proper uninstall involves getting the system to the way it started before the install, which includes restoring the registry changes. What’s that registry key, and what should I change it back to?

  3. Hi. I just tried using this to remap my non functioning tab key to the “tilde key.” it told me it was successfully done and I restarted. Tab function apparently is not changed, at least in Office software. When I hit “tilde” instead of tabbing, I just insert a tilde character. I am running Windows 10 which was upgraded from Windows 7.

    1. Sorry – no idea what the tilde key is as my keyboard has the tilde as SHIFT+` and the whole key has to be remapped. Meaning if you remapped ` ~ to Tab, you would still need to hold down SHIFT to get to the ~.

      If nothing got remapped, recommend that you double check that you’ve rebooted after saving the changes.

  4. Hello! I have a problem: I can’t set the Alt gr button, as soon as I leave the program I replace it with the Alt Right button. I have a 60% keyboard, how can I solve it?

    Thanks so much in advise, sorry for the bad english.

  5. Mapping Num Lock key

    Seems there is some trouble with the “Type Key” feature, even I found workaround.
    I needed to map the Num Lock key of my laptop (to permanently disable it).
    When using the “Type Key” and hitting the Num Lock key, I received code “Special € (E0_45)”.
    Mapping this key would have no effect at all on Num Lock.
    I used instead the “Special Num Lock (00_45)” from the sharpkeys list and then it worked.

  6. I have the keys:
    (not recognized)
    on my HP laptop.

    Sharp Keys is the only programm that does anything at all if these keys are pressed, but it tells me
    “You entered a key that SharpKeys doesn’t know about”
    is there a way for me to extend the programm on my own by the named keys?
    It would be so nice if you could answer. Tested about 10 programmes now and Sharp Keys was the only one… even the HP business support could not help me…

    Thanks in advance

    1. Sorry, SharpKeys cannot help. These keys are triple-byte enabled meaning that they send three bytes per keypress whereas the rest of a keyboard sends two bytes. The Registry key that Windows uses to remap keys only supposed double-byte enabled keys, so even with SharpKeys picking up the correct code on Type Key, there’s no way for it to get remapped correctly.

      AutoHotKeys would be a good thing to explore as that is an active key remapper.

    2. Hi, I have HP laptop with (E0_1F65) too. Please add support this button to program. Thanks.

      Or may be case manual edit REG for add random keys mapping?

        1. Bummer. I had the same question. HP is such a pain that they totally removed the “Insert” key from the keyboard and replaced it with a hang up and pick up key instead. It would be so convenient to map the hangup key to the old insert key.

  7. how do i use this im using a new wireless keyboard on windows 10,

    it does have a key labelled \|

    but when you press it it only shows ¬ and ~

    so how do i remap

    tried your keyboard but not sure how it could do that

  8. Thank you for sharpkeys. I am use it to avoid the unwanted use of Caps Lock.

    Yet I bought a new keyboard with a key to use the calculator.

    But I don´t like the windows calc, in truth I hate him, the windows calc.

    So I want to use another calc to replace the original. And I want to use the special key “calc” on the keyboard, sharp keys shows the key with the name (00_100). But on the right side from the dialog box “Add new key mapping” I can only choose “App: Calculator (E0_21)” but not another program.

    My question is: Is it possible to change the key to start another program (for example an other calculator)?

    Thank you so much.

    Carsten Höhmann

  9. Randy, thanks for the great app.
    I changed some mapping on my key board, app worked great. BUT somehow I messed up.
    “U” is “U” function on the proper key, but it also shows up on the “V” key and the CONTROL V key; no “V” around. I tried remapping from one to the other and vice versa, the “V” key still types “U”; this is the case in Windows, not Mac. I am in Mac right now. I don’t know how to fix this. Please help.
    Thank you.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, but SharpKeys remaps the entire key. So if move V it will be V at all times, even with Control, Command, or Option pressed (Control, Windows, or Alt for Windows hardware).

      1. Thanks, for the response. I changed the key that was (00_2F) to U(00_16) I want to change it back to the original key. I tried “From (00_2f) to U(00_16; is this right? I also tried “From (00_16 to (00_2F). Still didn’t work. I must being doing it wrong I guess.

        1. If you want to change it back, I would remove the entry in SharpKeys, save the settings to the Registry and reboot. I have no idea what would happen if you added a second mapping to restore the functionality changed by the first mapping.

  10. Hey! Loving this program. I’m using an old mechanical keyboard w/o media keys, and Sharpkeys has been a great help.
    2 Questions:
    1) On two different pcs with two different keyboards, I couldn’t get Pause/Break [Special: Num Lock (00_45)] to work. When I ‘type a key’ it’s recognized, but it doesn’t do the thing I mapped it to do.
    2) Is there a way to have the registry edits only affect one user? The other user dislike my edits…. we’re on Windows 10.

  11. A key on my notebook broke and I had to disable it because it randomly toggle on and off. Is there a way so that the changes doesn’t affect external USB keyboards?

  12. Not having a mute key was driving me crazy. Thank you so much! Thought I was just going to have to listen to spotify ads for the next 5 years.

  13. Hello Randy,

    I was referred here by Robert at

    I have an OmniKey Ultra (with the actual OMNI key).

    Windows doesn’t seem to see this key (at least with a couple key scanners I used so far).

    I think maybe the BIOS sees is but Windows simply ignores it.

    Does your app bypass what Windows can do and see that key?

    1. There’s nothing that my tech will be able to do for this – my app leverages the remapping tech that’s a part of Windows so if it’s already being ignored by Windows, it won’t get remapped. Might want to check another app like AutoHotKeys.

  14. Hello! You did great job with the application. I am working in a company which prefer to use MacBooks but people can’t work on MacOS, so we deployed Windows 10 via BootCamp. The laptops are connected to docks and we are using Apple keyboards and Left Alt and Win key are switched. Sadly we cannot install your application because of the Software Center. Is there a way to provide me a registry key, so I can pass it to IT team and make them add it to Regedit?

    1. Thanks! After you write out the keys you want remapped to the Registry, you can always grab a copy, export it out using regedit, and get a self contained REG file from the whole process. I still keep a REG file that turns off Caps Lock because I always turn it off and sometimes don’t have SharpKeys installed yet. You can also build your own, following the information here:

      1. Thank you! You helped me a lot! I couldn’t find the location of the key/value. Now IT team is really excited to work with those regs.

  15. Just to let you know, I have done some marketing for you. HP Support forum has some troubles right now, but yeah, its HP. Completely clueless, as always :)


    Date: 01-20-2018 09:42 AM

    Hey Folks.

    I successfully reclaimed my home button. This works for me on a OMEN by HP Sequencer Keyboard (CH layout, but should work for all layouts, as HOME is always a special key).

    It is in fact a simple registry key.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Keyboard Layout]
    “Scancode Map”=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,47,e0,76,00,00,00,00,00

    you can save the above 3 lines as a .reg file. You can import this file into your registry as admin. Re-login required, or reboot.

    Or you can use the nice little tool here:

    Enjoy :D

    Btw: @HP wafaduck do you do the whole day guys? It took my 30 minutes to figure that out, including writing this post.

  16. just a comment : Caps Lock for Clipboard History

    Mostly all we hate the CapsLock key.
    So I use it to open the Clipboard History from Outertech.
    I was always upset, that windows Clipboard has only one item.
    I think most people need more that one text item in Clipboard.

    I will use SharpKey on my MacBookAir with BootCamp Win10 to change the Cmd and Alt keys.
    These Mac key locations are different from the windows location and it makes me go crazy when I’m typing.

    Thanks. Great app.

  17. I am a newbie to games with weapons and fighting. I am also left handed so I use the number pad for my movements. You are as close as I have come to getting help. I have questions: First: I want to not use the down arrow to move but the 5 key would work easier with finger placement. What is the title of the key to switch from the 2 down arrow key to the 5– key? Second: My 3 pgdn key had a crouch on it initially; I, of course, have messed with the keys trying to get them to do my will! I tried to move the 3 pgdn key to the 0 Ins key. This one did not work either as I think it is the numlocks button either being on or off that creates the complexity. Three: I just have dinked up keys until I get the right combination which I am hoping you can assist me with???? It is Window 10 a masione keyboard with the number pad. I am all ears because my team is waiting for me to learn to move readily!

  18. Awesome! Thanks… the Mac/Windows ctrl + cmd/windows buttons were driving me crazy. This saved me from digitally punching Cortana in the face every time I tried to copy, paste or cut something! :D

  19. I am unsure what you are responding too but I am still in the hopes that Randy will respond. I need the basic layout of function, numberpad, F keys basically the entire layout of the entire long keyboard and their Titles! Is there a default key if it goes wonky?

    1. What are the arrow keys called on numpad? If I have numpad turned off and want to switch keys ex. The down arrow 2 key to the 5 _ key… Is there specific names? There really isn’t an arrow key to reflect which key nor a _ key in your sharpkey list…

  20. Wow thank you, this is lifesaving! My computer has been through several reinstalls, device reinstalls, and “repair” at 2 shops with a randomly “stuck” Ctrl key – without being a physical keyboard issue, as the same problem appeared with a USB keyboard. Nothing and nobody could fix the issue. After downloading your software I just disabled the offending key and BINGO! This has cost me so many hours and nerves. Now I will just remap to have a working Ctrl key and can continue using my laptop! How can I buy you a coffee?

  21. Hi Randy,
    I want to map “period” key to “Right ALT” key. I mapped and wrote it to the registry , rebooted my laptop but it did not work. Tried to do the same with “period” to “Right CTRL” key and it didn’t work. My “period” key isnt working on my laptop so I use an external bluetooth keyboard, to my surprise after mapping “period” key on my external keyboard stopped working as well.

    1. If I had to guess, you have the mappings backwards. You want the Right Alt key to *become* the period key, so Right Alt to Period, is what you’d want to do.

  22. Thank you SO MUCH!
    I have a Dell Precision M6800 with a Calc key where the Good Lord intended for the Del key to be…
    This is the only and easiest utility I’ve found that works!
    Telling all my tribe!

  23. Anyone know why sharp key changes i make don’t work the same in my browser than in a word app ? For example, i turn off a key and if i am in say notepad, it does nothing if i hit it as it shouldn’t since i turned it off in Sharp keys. But type anything in the browser be it in the URL/address field of in a reply like this one and the keys is active. Why is that and how can i make what i program in SK work the same no matter what i am typing in?

    1. Sorry, no: the whole key is remapped for the entire system – the remapping is done by Windows and it’s not application aware.

  24. 5 _ key with numpad off to the 2 down arrow key … I do not see a downarrow key nor a _ underscore key in the list of choices to switch… Any ideas??? I haven’t gotten an answer in 2 months.

  25. Can I please get a response to my inquiry? 2 months and I don’t have an answer to making my 5 underscore key with numpad off to the 2 downarrow key with numpad off… Anyone?

    1. Sorry – most of the support has been moved to GitHub so I’m not watching the blog as diligently.

      In so far as I know, the number keypad are sending the same key whether num lock is on or off, meaning that it’s always going to be the same key. It’s why the 2/@ key is different from the Num: 2 key. So you could remap the Num: 5 key to some other key.

      However, you cannot remap it to be “underscore”. You can remap it to the “- _” which means that you’ll still need to use Shift to get to underscore.

  26. I installed using the msi and wanted to change the “0” (zero) key to a delete key. It did not change the key but made the delete key act like a zero “0”. I clear it and all is back to normal.
    Any ideas why it acted in reverse? I actually would like to just change the zero key to delete and leave the delete key as is. Have two delete keys.


    1. Because the mapping was entered backwards? You should be thinking of “what key on the left list do I want to map to on the right list”. It’s why there’s a “Turn off this button” on the right column but not on the left.

    1. Not entirely sure how else to make something more intuitive: it’s remapping from this key to that key, with the lists labeled “From” and “To”. And with the “Turn off” on the right, I think that’s a great telegraph that that’s the landing page. Either way, glad it’s working for you!

  27. please add brightness up and brightness down keys. i am kinda surprised that these keys dont already exist in the program. btw i really love your work, keep it up please

    1. Thanks!

      It’s more than likely they are a non-standard key and very often go directly to the hardware, which means Windows doesn’t have a chance to remap them. My advice would be to add them to the github forum and see if anyone has information on these keys (or other keys like these). HTH!

      1. on lg gram 17 inch, brightness down is Fn+f2. Brightness up is Fn+f3. (after i change the settings using their software). Otherwise, it is f2 for brightness down, and f3 for brightness up. This is the default behaviour.

        I want to just map the f2 key to the real f2 functionality. (for excel use). I am unable to do so. I want default beahviour as volume, airplane mode and all are on the function keys in orange. I don’t want to press a second button (fn, next to space bar) to change the airplane mode button, etc.

        I used to do this on the lenovo computers as f2 is set to volume. But on the lg gram f2 is set to brightness. Any advice?

    2. If they’re dedicated brightness up/down keys, it might be hard or impossible to change. But if they’re combined brightness+Fn key (which is generally the case), the behavior of those keys can usually be changed by a setting in the BIOS. So you can go in the BIOS and change the setting so that they activate the function key by default instead of brightness, which can then be remapped.

  28. Is this a memory-resident program? I’m not a tech whiz but it sounds as if this could just rewrite a portion of the registry to remap keys without sitting in the memory. And if you downloaded to a thumb drive, there wouldn’t be an app on your hard drive. Am I on the right track? I want to swap my ctrl and caps lock keys on my new Lenovo Win10 without taking up RAM. Thanks.

  29. Hi Randy: I am unable to map the keyboard key P (broken key) to `~ .
    I a keying in P via the onscreen keyboard and by the way it maps to other keys without a problem
    Any ideas

    1. The onscreen keyboard doesn’t send keystokes to Windows the same way a physical keyboard does. Remappings will only recognized for physical keyboards.

  30. The context menu “Special: Application” key is missing in my Ideapad 330 Windows 10 notebook.
    So I mapped it to the F10 key. But now F10 functions like the “Alt” key.
    This mapping was successful on a Windows 8 notebook.
    Wondering if there’s anyway to have this function on the keyboard.

    1. Not sure I follow: if you remapped the F10 to Application, then it should work without worry. If it’s behaving like some other random key then it could be that there’s an Fn lock that’s on or not on which is causing the behavior but I’ve never heard of it going sideways like this.

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        I just realized F10 acts like the Alt key in that it “opens Menu Bar in the open application”,
        which means the F10 key won’t remap.
        Same issue with the Break key and “\ |” key.
        I’m using a small external keyboard.
        Keys like L-Alt and R-Ctrl remap to Application correctly, but I wish to keep them.
        So in this case, I guess Shift+F10 is the best option.

        1. F10 will remap if it’s a PC keyboard. I have seen really strange results with some of the “use this BT keyboard of iOS and Android” where Home is not Start, the Esc key does weird things depending on the app, and the Function keys are also doing something odd. TL;DR, not all keyboards are created equal. I have remapped all of the function keys at one point or another (while using a Surface) and I cannot imagine anything special about | \ but it sounds like it’s not working they way it should. Sorry it’s not of more help!

  31. Hey Randy,

    Is there a way to specify what keyboard is changed? I have an external numpad and would like to re-map the keys. For example, Num1 would be F13…

    1. Nope, or at least not as far as Windows is concerned: the remapping Registry Key is set at the “machine level” so there’s no state changes that impact it when switching between keyboards or even users. Once it’s set, it’s set.

  32. I mapped F7 to be my windows key on an addison ergonomic keyboard, now my bottom left CTRL ALT and top DEL are not working. I have to use bottom right CTRL ALT DEL. Any reason for this, how can i undo the changes?

    1. Undoing the change is easy: open SharpKeys, remove all the remappings, and reboot. Why the remapping caused a whole collection of keys to stop working because you’ve remapped a Windows key is… very odd. I mean I remap my Windows keys on some boxes and have never seen this. Could be the Addison keyboard has something funkly in it’s wiring or might have a special driver? Sadly, I haven’t much idea.

  33. I purchased the Havit HV-KB392L keyboard on Amazon. I thought I was getting a keyboard with Gkeys. I got a keyboard with Multimedia keys. If I use Sharpkeys to remap the keys, I get the code of 00_100 for the keys. All 5 keys have the same code. If I try to remap them by choosing the appropriate key in the list in Sharpkeys, it doesn’t work. It will not even let me disable the keys. I have been successful in using a program to determine the numerical codes and it seems they are all on the 170 range. I just can not map them with Sharpkeys. The keyboard did not come with any drivers. Wondering if it’s the firmware? I would like to be able to set the keys up to eventually work with Auto Hot Keys as macros for gaming. Any suggestions on getting this to work will be appreciated.

    1. I cannot say for certain, but it’s likely the firmware of the keyboard. There are a lot of random keys that come in as a generic 00_100 which Windows simply throws away, but that also implies that the hardware has taken action on the keypress before Windows gets it. AutoHotKeys is usually what I recommend when Windows isn’t aware of a key but I can’t help identify what the hardware thinks the keys are.

  34. Is it possible to easily capture & remap keyboard + mouse button combos (for example I don’t have media keys on my keyboard and would like to remap to windows 10 OSD / media control overlay)?

    I really appreciate the simplicity of your hotkey registry keyboard remapper.

    I downloaded to autohotkey software too but didn’t see a simple way to create hotkeys without reading a lot of documentation and manually mapping things out in a script.

    There are other opensource / free tools to automate this like 3RVX & XMouseButtonControl.


  35. Hi Randy,
    I am trying to remember where I can view and add/remove my remapped key. I have an icon on my desktop called My Keys.skl

    Is this from sharpkeys? If so, when I open it windows is asking me to download an app.
    Where else should I be able to find and add to my list of remapped keys? I did a search on my control pannel programs and c: and cannot find it

    1. SKL files are the format SharpKeys uses to save out a collection of remapped keys. I don’t know that double clicking will open it directly but if you open SharpKeys you can load it from within there. HTH!

  36. Hi Randy,

    Thanks for making this available to everyone. I have a question – maybe others have already answered this. Is there a way to apply the keyboard changes dynamically without a reboot?

    There’s a shareware program available – Simple Disable Key – that does so. In fact, not only is it dynamically applied as the key is disabled, but you can choose to disable the key in certain programs as well.

    Ultimately, this is the functionality I would like to have, but I need to have complete control over it without requiring another program installation. I was hoping such control could be had via registry keys.

    1. Sorry but Windows – which is doing the remapping – requires the reboot. At one time signing out/in would work but I think at this point a reboot is required.

      1. Thanks Randy,

        I wonder how the developer of simple disable key has managed it? I’ve been trying to use hooks to capture and prevent the escape key; I’ve been able to detect it but I haven’t been able to stop it.

        I’m trying to work around a particularly nasty bug in MS Access – it “hears” the escape key even when it doesn’t have the focus, so if you have long running queries you have to avoid pressing the escape key. It’s a potentially catastrophic error, but they don’t seem interested in addressing it.

  37. Hi Randy, thanks for creating this. I used is succesfully to turn off the num lock key :-)

    However, I also would like to remap f4 but cant find this key in the SharpKeys app. Currently f4 calls the menu to choose the projection screen (PC screen only / Duplicate / Extend / Second screen only). If I use the “Type Key” button it returns “Special: Left Windows (E0_5B)” which is obviously wrong. (“Type Key” also returns this for f1 and the actual left Windows key.)

    Can you help me find the keycode for my f4? I guess its one of the “Unknown: 0x” codes but I dont know which one…

    PS Just made a small donation.

    1. Thanks for the donation!

      For F4, it’s a well known key and is in the list as Function: F4. It sounds like your keyboard is not sending the correct – or at least expected – scan code when F4 is pressed. Does the keyboard have an Fn key that might be turned on or does your F4 key overlap with your number keypad maybe? Not much more I can offer on this: it’s a well known key and should be sending it’s respective scan code when pressed.

      1. I think there’s a small confusion here because in my bios settings the fn key is permanently turned on. Sorry for not mentioning! I will rewrite the question below assuming in the bios settings the fn key is permanently turned off.

        Rewritten question:
        I would like to remap fn+f4 to f2 but cant find the fn+f4 key in the SharpKeys app. Currently fn+f4 calls the menu to choose the projection screen (PC screen only / Duplicate / Extend / Second screen only, same as win+p). However if I use the “Type Key” button for fn+f4 it returns “Special: Left Windows (E0_5B)” which is obviously wrong.

        Also interesting:
        * The “Type Key” button also returns “Special: Left Windows (E0_5B)” for fn+f1 and the actual left Windows key.
        * If I just proceed with the remapping then all three keys (fn+f4, fn+f1 and left Windows key) are remapped to f2! However (now it gets really weird…), fn+f4 also returns the “p” key after f2. I notice this because when I try to rename a file using fn+f4 (instead of f2) the file name is replaced by a “p” like I would be hitting first f2 and than “p”. Probably this has something to do with fn+f4 originally being mapped to win+p.

  38. I have problem!!!
    I changed function of delete key without replacement. Now I cannot login to win10. Without recovery option. Any idea?

    1. You can try booting to safe mode or you can try signing in with the onscreen keyboard that you can get from the Accessibility menu on a sign in screen. That’s about all you can do, if you’ve locked yourself out.

  39. Had a <1yr old Asus laptop where the volume down button froze. Mapped the volume down button to 'none' and the volume up to 'My Computer' and problem solved.

    Much easier than wiping the machine, removing my extra ram, and dealing with an RMA over a stuck button. Many thanks!!!!!

  40. Hi, I have a weird issue. The F1,F2,F3 keys are mute and vol + and vol – on my laptop. They don’t work but the Fn functions do. I downloaded SharpKeys to try and re-map them. However, as long as SharpKeys is open the keys work fine. Minimise or close SharpKeys and they stop again. Any ideas on this?

    1. SharpKeys being open has nothing to do with key mapping. All it does is write the map to Windows registry. You actually need to restart the system for changes to take effect. Check if Scancode Map is present at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout

  41. I recently got Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and … as always Microsoft had to screw up… Next to AltGr there is Office button which drives me crazy when every try to hit right Alt (I had an older Ergonomic keyboard which has bigger Alt key and no office button) I actually press office button.
    I wonder if E0_205B could be also taken into the list. This is the code of office key which is shown when I press it in SharpKeys
    Actually since the keys can be recognized maybe there is a way to implement “add key” functionality. Like a config file where users add keys and they can be remapped to something which can be put into Registry. Is there an algo to do that?

    1. Nope: it’s a triple byte key which cannot be mapped. That said, in spite of you buy a keyboard from someone you think screws up what they make, there is likely a driver or app that came with the product that can disable it for you. I haven’t purchased a keyboard with the new key yet, but I’ve been aware of the Office key for close to a year, when they announced CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+WIN would open the app until hardware caught up. Might want to look for a Microsoft driver at

      1. I quite like the MS 2019 ergonmoic keyboard and through using SharpKeys, and as a left handed mouse user, I have been able to remap most of the right hand side of the keyboard to work best for software development in the IDE I use. The Office key being the only one that can not be mapped. Tried the MS accessory driver but it just isn’t configurable enough as it is focused towards regular office users. Will look at AutoHotKeys as mentioned above.

  42. Sup, so my keyboard gets remapped somehow its often. idk how but anyway i use sharp keys to remap it, tho its registering keys as unknown. like ill type a key i want remapped in ,map this key, and it says sharp keys doesn’t know the key. but when i type it into ,to this key, it knows it. i’m confused and my keyboard is messed up.

  43. Hey,
    I wanted to assign my left shift to special key but for some reason it can’t be done. I tried to change my left shift for another key and it worked, and i also tried to make other key the special one but it also didn’t work.
    I just wanted to know if it is my problem or if am I doing something wrong because I really need that special key!
    Thank you!

  44. Life saver!
    This helped me fix Dell’s new keyboard that has some really bad choices like F12 and End sharing a physical key to make room for a +/- key above the keypad…

  45. I’m an old git that spilled wine on th kyboard and lost th e as you can tll, unlss I cut and past! Downloaded SharpKys 3.9 running Windows 10 on an HP Pavilion x360 convertibl. Add, then e to ], write to registry, then close and restart computer, no change. I must be missing an action out somewhere. Help appreciated or I need a nw computr Thanks

  46. Hi, just replaced my faulty laptop keyboard, but used a greek version and swapped keys to a UK version. However there is one key missing on the greek keyboard and one key not mapped accurately. Basically it is the latter I am trying to correct…

    currently the ‘backslash’ ‘I’ key results in typing a ‘hash’. When I use SharpKeys your program actually picks the key up as a ‘backslash’ so seems to think it is mapped correctly. However all other windows programs don’t provide the same response. Can you advise how to correct this?

    Many thanks

  47. Thanks for this great app. I’ve been using it for years with my Surface Pro 3 TypeCover to do similar remappings that it looks like youve done – Home, End, etc…

    It would now seem that a few of my keys are broken – numbers 2 and 6, and also F2/brighten keyboard backlight doesnt work. I’ve remapped the numbers to F keys, I’ve remapped F2 to F1 (so that I can use F2 to edit excel formulas, for example). But I can’t seem to get the functionality of remapping brighten keyboard backlight, thus it is hard to use my computer at night.

    Any ideas?


  48. I have an Ideapad310. I downloaded SharpKeys to switch the right shift and PgUp key. When I change the Right Shift Key to the PgUp key. The shift key becomes the PgUp key but the PgUp key does not become the Shift key.

    Any suggestions?

    1. The keys are mapped rather than swapped. In addition to mapping Right Shift Key to the PgUp key you also need to map PgUp to the Right Shift Key

  49. First and foremost, thank you so much, Randy, for the SharpKeys application.
    I have a problem though with my Thinkpad ABNT2 (Brazilian Portuguese) keyboard. the button ‘/’ (shift for ?) is placed on what windows sees as right ctrl. I tried to type the characters with windows 10 visual keyboard. SharpKeys says that the key E0_1F10 (shift E0_1F11) is not recognised by the application. Is there anyway to bypass that and allow windows to type that key as it is registered (question mark, cause I can’t type it)
    Thank you.

  50. Today I tried to use Sharpkeys 3.9 to remap my the 3/# key on my Toshiba Portege Z35 Windows 10 laptop to the F3 key, which I never otherwise use. I wanted to do this because the 3/# key had become very sluggish. I restarted the computer and this hadn’t worked. Worse, there is a # in my Windows user log-in screen. So, while the computer booted up, I can’t get past the user log-in screen. I tried system restore from the BIOS screen, which I accessed on booting up. But going going back to before when I used Sharpkeys didn’t reactivate the 3/# key. Nor was I able to succeed in efforts to delete the password by using the command prompt from the BIOS screen. Do you have any suggestion for fixing this?

    1. Not sure why you’re be looking in the BIOS – everything about this app talks about how it’s a Windows Registry hack, so there’s no help coming there. You can start Windows in Safe Mode which should ignore the Registry setting. I also don’t know why 3/# wouldn’t remap to any other key – it should be just fine, assuming F3 is in fact F3 and not some sort of Fn+F3 combination that is common on a laptop. Sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing!

      1. Thanks for the prompt response. But without my log-in working, I can’t get into Windows 10. I’ve tried pressing shift+F3, which should give me the # symbol and let me log into Windows, but that doesn’t work. So, I can only get into the laptop via the BIOS by pressing F12 at startup. (I’m writing this from a different computer.)

        1. Another option is the accessibility on-screen keyboard to sign in. That won’t be impacted by any Windows-based remapping.

  51. I’m trying to install SharpKeys 3.9 in my Win10 on VMware, but when I try to open the installer (or directly through the MSI) I get an error message that says “This installation package is not supported by this processor type.” Any thoughts on how to install on VMware?

    1. Grab the ZIP file. It’s the MSI installer that’s likely throwing a fit on VMWare but the application EXE itself is compiled for “Any CPU”.

  52. Dear Sir,

    your app is awesome. We bought new ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft – . It has a dedicated Office and Emoji keys which we want remap to use other function, for example open an other app. Your software does not recognize code of this key. Could you add this code? If we have to pay for modification. please send us an offer. Best regards.

    Code of Office dedicated key: E0_205B (the same code we see when we press Emoji key … )

    1. Give the PowerToys a try – the remapping technology that Windows uses does not support triple byte scan codes.

  53. Thanks
    In my keyboard I have Delete (when num lock is off) and enter key side by side. Which always felt weird. Thanks to your software I was able to change it.

  54. I am missing a few keys in the list when ‘Edit Key Mapping’ and cannot find the code for them in SharpKeys.

    Cannot find the following:
    § Section Symbol
    ½ Fraction 1/2

    This button is found on Nordic keyboards, left of number 1.

    1. Never seen either one, sorry. Would have to know the scancode map and to be clear, the whole key would be remapped: there’s no way with SharpKeys to remap Shift+§ or Ctrl+C. The whole key gets remapped. Might also want to drop a line on this at GitHub, as that’s where coders can contribute to the source.

  55. Hello
    My keyboard has no numeric keypad, no numlock and no scroll lock. So I am not able to enter Alt codes for special chars which are normally done using Alt + Numeric Pad entry.
    So what I want to do is to have ALT + [QWERTY] 0-9 map to Num Pad 0-9. I can’t see how to do that on Sharp Keys. Is there a way to enter Alt + 0-9 as the input value?

  56. hey! I have an issue. The program seems to be unable to swap my was keys with the arrow keys. Could you help?

    1. Would have to see the listing but your best bet is to post it to GitHub so other people can chime in. Thanks!

  57. Thank you for your present.
    I’m using this tool, and very useful.
    But I shame it has some unrecognizable keys.
    I’m Korean and use Korean keyboard.
    And this tool can’t recognize the keys – [Hangul (한/영)] and [Hanja (한자)] .
    When type this keys for finding function, it has found,, but when try to apply it, the program shows error message – “the key that Sharpkey doesn’t know about”.
    The keys locate both side of space bar.

    I hope you update SharpKey control this keys, please~.
    I’m sorry for that my English is not good, but thank you for read this.

    1. Please check what version you’re running. Based off what I’m seeing in 3.9.2, the keys are there in the “Special” section of the key list. Problem is I don’t have a Korean keyboard to test with and I have no idea when the keys were added to the list. Could have 3.9.1 or 3.9, but either way, try the newly released 3.9.2.

  58. In haier laptops i have. Com key that is creating some issues i want to disable it but in sharp keys software i didn’t see any . Com key????? Is it located in unknown keys?

    1. Sorry, I don’t have Haier and I’m guessing that this will be a machine-based key as there’s no keyboard scancode that I know of that is “.com” – might want to try posting it to GitHub as there are many more developers there.

  59. Help.
    I’m excited about SharpKeys… BUT… I’m attempting to map my Fn key to Ctl, but it’s not working. Sharpkeys recognizes the changes, after the registry edit and reboot… but nothing else.
    Copy/Paste is a nightmare.

    OS: Windows10
    HW: Lenova Thinkpad

    1. The problem with Fn is that it’s not always something that goes to Windows. That said, if you are using a ThinkPad, check your BIOS/UEFI settings: they used to have an option there that allowed you to flip Fn and Ctrl to match Dell’s layout. Another option is PowerToys which uses an active remapper – just another option to explore.

  60. Thanks for this very useful utility.

    I’m starting to have an issue with one key on my laptop not working all the time. Thanks to SharpKeys, I mapped that key to Caps Lock that I never use, so now, if the regular key works then fine, if not, I use the backup. :)

    1. I don’t have a tutorial; some others online may have done one put the app is pretty simple. Well, with one caveat: if you remap a key that is part of your password or PIN to sign into Windows, you will no longer be able to sign in. That aside, if you find that you’ve got the wrong keys mapped or if you want to remap something else, you can always delete all mappings, write it to the Registry, reboot and be back “normal”.

  61. You pressed:
    Num: 0

    You entered a key that SharpKeys doesn’t know about.
    Please check the SharpKeys website for an updated release.

    Can you fix this? Thanks!

    1. If you got Num 0 (00_52) then the key is supported. What key did you press for the other message?

      Also, please feel free to post this to GitHub, as there are other programmer that might be able to help.

      1. I’ll eventually post it to GitHub if you think that makes more sense but I’d like to explain here first. My keyboard model is a CM Storm Quickfire TK, which has unified the num pad and navigation keys and you have to switch between the two key profiles by pressim NUMLK. Please look at a screenshot of the Quickfire TK layout. The left arrow shares a key with Num 0. I want the key to always be recognized as left arrow so I mapped this Num 0 (00_52) to left arrow, which worked perfectly fine. However, when I type the 00, which shares a key with arrow down, it is ALSO recognized as Num 0 (00_52). And as soon as I click “OK” in the “Type key”-dialogue, I get aforementioned error message. So I can’t map 00 to arrow down. Now that I realize that two keys are recognized as Num 0 (00_52), I assume it’s a problem specific to my keyboard model. Maybe you have an idea nontheless?

        1. I can save you time: there’s nothing SharpKeys can do with this. 00 is not a key that is standard to most keyboard, and as far as Windows knows, it is another instance of the 0 key. Microsoft has some keys that are like this on their most recent split keyboard, where they have dedicated keys on the num keypad for ( ) / * – and = but as far as the Windows scan code remapper knows they are 9 (, 0 ), / ?, 8 *, – _, and = + respectively which means that Windows cannot remap them.

          You might want to give PowerTools from Microsoft a shot: they are a more active remapper and do things different than Windows does.

  62. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I’ll try for the block to always be in “navigation key mode” and just bind the navigation keys I don’t like to their num pad equivalent.

    1. That being said, I stumbled upon another problem now. The Quickfire TK’s – / PAUSE key is recognized as Special: Num Lock (00_45)
      while the NUMLK key is recognized as Special: € (E0_45) . Do you have any idea why that might be the case? The way it is, I can’t map PAUSE to – .

  63. That being said, I stumbled upon another problem now. The Quickfire TK’s – / PAUSE key is recognized as Special: Num Lock (00_45)
    while the NUMLK key is recognized as Special: € (E0_45) . Do you have any idea why that might be the case? The way it is, I can’t map PAUSE to – .

  64. Thank you. I switch between Mac and Windows a lot and use the Mac keyboard on my Win PC. Being able to map the Left Command key to the Left Control key when on Windows is such a relief!!! No more annoying Windows Start Menu when Copy and Paste! Phew.
    Donation is on its way. :-)

  65. The only button I wanted to remap is awkward mute button on Steelseries Pro unremappable with their software. And guess what, latest SharpKeys is not recognizing it. Please add this button, it is a very popular keyboard and it is really the only bad button on it that has to be remapped to play button as no one ever uses play buttons on keyboards.

    1. Cannot be done, at least with the Windows technology that is being used for SharpKeys: the key is likely hardware based and not passing the scancode along. Might want to check out PowerToys from Microsoft which has an active remapper.

  66. First, thank you for creating such a great program!
    Second, in order to receive the latest Windows 10 update (Feature update to windows 10 version 2004 ), I’m getting the following message

    “What needs your attention
    The following things need your attention to continue the installation and keep your Windows settings, personal files, and apps.

    Uninstall this app now because it isn’t compatible with Windows 10.

    Thus, I literally cannot update Windows 10 without uninstalling this up. There is no skip or bypass, it’s uninstall or don’t update Windows 10.

    1. Thanks!

      Not sure why this would be throwing a fit. I’ve installed 2004 many times without hitting this but I don’t remember if I had the app installed or just copied over. Likely just copied over.

      Anyway, feel free to uninstall the app: whatever remapping you have in place will remain even if the app is uninstalled. The remapping is stored in the Registry while the app just allows changes to the Registry. Once 2004 is installed you can reinstall the app, if you have to change or remove a mapping.

  67. Hi, can you implement the “í” character (E0_1F24), can you put this in the next version please? Thanks in advance.

    1. Sadly, no, as it is a triple byte code and cannot be remapped by Windows. You can try Microsoft’s PowerToys though.

    2. Dear Laszló,

      could you already solved your problem? I have the same problem and I have no idea what to do.

      Best regards,

      Laszló Kőrösi

  68. Hello, I’m trying to map a key 00_45 on my HP laptop to work as Delete. Physical key is labeled ‘PAUSE’ but is placed where usually Delete is placed…
    Unfortunatelly it does not work. (I wrote it to registry and restarted PC. )
    If I try to map other keys, it works.
    What is wrong?
    Thank you.

  69. I also tried to remap some key to “PAUSE”. This doesn’t seem to be possible.

    I tried other remap tools as well including PowerToys, and none could do it.

  70. In former times my PaintShopPro software assigned a certain function to +H

    Then, after some month, this +H assignment does not work any more (other key combinations from PSP still work).
    I don’t know which new program destroyed (accidentially) the link between >ALT>+H and the PSP function.

    How can I find it out?

    Is there a way to detect which program occupies currently +H now?

    Assume I have a second computer with the same PaintShopPro software. +H works there.
    Can I somehow extract the key assignment from Registry over there, then copy it to my notebook and insert it into Registry?

  71. Okay, so watch my recording while read this comment, please.
    I replace “C” key to be “D”, so I have 2 “D” keys, but in lobby chat it detect as the way it expected (C=D, D=D) but strangely, in settings when I want to change the attack button to be “D” the game doesn’t recognize it as when I’m at lobby.

    1. Sounds like the game is bypassing Windows input which prevents the remapping from happening. Might want to give Windows PowerToys a look since it’s a different type of remapping technology.

  72. Hello everyone. First of all I want to thank Randy for his work with Sharpkeys.
    Since October 2019 I am the owner of a BMAX Y13. A magnificent laptop in relation to quality and price (just for € 320)
    The BMAX brand has had the bad idea of ​​leaving the action keys active by default (volume up/down, brightness, play/pause, etc). To use the function keys it is necessary to press them together with the “FN” key.
    Maybe with multimedia use it is more useful the use of the “action keys” instead of the “Function keys” but to work it is very cumbersome to have to press FN + F2 to rename, FN + F5 to update, Ctrl + FN + F4 to close tab or Alt + FN + F4 to close application…
    I contacted with BMAX and they informed me that they would release a bios update that would solve the problem, but after 14 months this update has not come out and I think nor will it come out.
    The layout of the keys is this:
    F1 – Sleep
    F2 – Keyboard backlight
    F3 – Mute
    F4 – Vol down
    F5 – Vol up
    F6 – Screen Brightness down
    F7 – Screen Brightness up
    F8 – Fly mode
    F9 – Previous track
    F10 – Next Track
    F11 – Play/pause
    F12 – second display config

    By default, when you press any of them it performs the action that I describe.

    Yesterday I discovered Sharpkeys and I recognize that it has been very useful since I have been able to change the use of most of the keys except for:
    F2 – Keyboard backlight
    F6 – Screen Brightness down
    F7 – Screen Brightness up
    F8 – Fly mode
    F12 – second display config
    Actually, now I just need to be able to change F2 (rename) and F12 (developer mode in browsers). F6 and F7 I hardly ever use them.
    The problem is that when I click on “Type a Key” none of the four keys is recognized by Sharpkeys

  73. Does this work with Cyberpunk 2077 game?? Since i use arrow keys to move around in games, can’t get used to any other combos, i wanted to know if thats possible.

  74. Thanks so much for this, my left control key broke on my keyboard. I tried using AHK to remap the windows key to control, but it caused a bunch of weird random glitches with certain key combinations. This is the only thing I found that helps. Sending you a few of the dollars you saved me from having to buy a new keyboard

  75. Hi,
    I just installed sharpKeys to fix a bluetooth keyboard that does not have an ESC key. Instead, it has a key for opening a new window. Using the tool it reports to be key sequence 00_100 which is not known to SharpKeys …
    how can I overcome this problem (without direct editing of the registry) ?
    looking forward to any helpful hint,
    Thanks, Andreas

  76. The Pause/Break key is not dedected (it is detected as Num Lock) by SharpKeys when i click the key. When i click the key in the “Type key” option and try to turn it off/map it to another key a message pops up: “You’ve entered a key that SharpKeys doesn’t know about. Please check the SharpKeys website for an updated release”
    I use the newest release and i don’t know why this is happening.
    Help pls

    1. Correct: Pause/Break is different on various keyboards and is sometimes impossible to trap. Please head over to GitHub where people were discussing this topic in the event that someone makes a code change.

  77. Hi, SharpKey don’t recognize these keys:
    Key Suspension – F1
    Key WIFI On/Off – F2
    Key Brightness Up – F3
    Key Brightness Down – F4
    Key Turn Off Scrren – F6
    Key Touchpad Lock/Unlock – F7

    How can redefine these keys??

    Greeting, Marcelo

      1. hi randy does your sharpkey allow a macro to be assigned to a key on the keyboard? like in a game i type /is really fast if i fall so i dont die, is this possible with your program? the “website” address listed below is to go to my minecraft skyblock server lol

  78. Hey y’all,

    I was searching for an issue when SharpKeys wouldn’t reassign a critical key.

    Took a long search but PowerToys is some kind of free tool with random Windows 10 efficiencies for power users. One function of it is a keyboard remapper, and it worked for me.


  79. Dude I installed the app like a week ago and first it changed some defaults (chrome browser and stuff), but I didn’t mind, but it slowly kept fucking my computer, first it became extremely slow when it wasn’t plugged in, and now if I unplug it, it turns off and even plugged in it’s extremely slow, if you inserted a virus on purpose then this comment won’t matter, but if you didn’t please please please help.

    1. If you’re talking about SharpKeys it is not capable of doing any of the things you are describing. It is a Win32 app that only runs when you open it and its sole purpose is to modify a Registry key. It leaves nothing running behind the scenes, has nothing to do with fonts, and has no knowledge of browsers. I would check your install history and see what else got installed around the same time that you added SharpKeys to your box.

  80. Hey, love the software, but it would be AWESOME to also include more complicated typing, so far i can only press one key, but I can’t do a combination of keys and remap that into a key.

    1. Thanks! Sadly, the tech that’s built into Windows does not support combination keys – only whole keys. You might want to give Microsoft PowerToys a look as they support modified keys.

      1. Thats really sad, was trying to avoid multiple softwares working on my keyboard. But if it cant be done, thats all good. Thanks

  81. Good day to you !!
    OMG a MASSIVE THANK-YOU to you !!!!

    Using this awesome bit of software on windows 10 pro, working flawlessly at present, i couldnt turn OFF overwrite feature that was CRIPPLING my damn text, fair enough that thats only after a few days of a windows computer (HP Probook Laptop) had been up and running without a restart, so a lot of stuff happens that just breaks down the integrity of any and pretty much ALL windows computers where a restart ALWAYS (99% !) fixes the problems !!


    i wanted a more reliable way to do this and messing with the registry is and has always been the right direction for me, so i applaud you on the creation of this software, OMG – You are SO AWESOME ! Highly skilled to have created YOUR OWN SOFTWARE from scratch, IMPRESSIVE !!!!

    Im a technical guy, so details are my stock & trade, always sifting through Datasheets of components, Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a hobby of mine that was once also my work but the last 11 years sadly i lost the ability to walk and diving into more and more electronics projects has kept my mind as occupied as it can be within the constraints of being in stupidly high amounts of pain & bed-bound.

    So this has FINALLY solved one of my silly problems that really, WINDOWS 10 – SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER and implemented a script/code/software to be able to do this NATIVELY – but hey, sometimmes this level of intelligence eludes such big corporations LOL

    Once again – Thank You so much, from a totally broke & in debt old fella EE

    Keep up the awesome and inspiring hobby stuff, its people like YOU who give me the strength to carry on even though the body is failing me, the mind is still active and working a lot more than usual lol

    1. Thanks for the kind words! To be clear, this Registry key was not introduced in Windows 10 – it dates back to the Windows NT 3.5 timeframe, unless I’m mistaken. May have been Windows 2000 but I think it’s older than that. Microsoft has released other tools to remap keys, but I honestly think they never exposed this one because it won’t cover the needs of everyone and it can lock you out of your machine if you misuse it (e.g. remapping a key you need for your sign in password.) Curious feature though!

  82. Hi Randy

    I tried on a Swiss German Keyboard to remap the ATLGR and “S” to the German Character “ß” (Alt +0223 / U+00DF ).
    Do you have a solution for this problem?

    Kind regards
    Stefan F. Ceresoli

    1. Hi – my guess is that Share is getting passed to Windows directly and not on the input stack, which means the tech that would remap it cannot. Please give Windows PowerToys a try as they have an active remapper or the Microsoft Keyboard application thingy which might allow you to remap the key, since it’s one of their keyboards.

  83. Do you have any plans to add support for remapping the emoji key? It’s E0_205B on my Microsoft Designer Compact keyboard. Microsoft opted to include this key instead of a right control key. It pops up the emoji keyboard, and it’s super annoying. Would love if I could map it as a right control button instead!

    1. Nope: its a triple-byte code (the Office key is as well) so this tech cannot remap it. Please give Windows PowerToys a try as they have an active remapper or the Microsoft Keyboard support application, which should support repurposing the key.

  84. Good morning Randy,
    I used sharpkeys some years ago and it worked fine on windows 7. I’m running the portable version of the latest install as the installer version won’t install. It’s not your software it is Windows 10 (no surprise there).
    The program runs fine but after I have remapped a key and saved to the registry and logged off and after that not working rebooting the key is not remapped. All I want to do is remap the top row number keys on the keyboard to their secondary function symbols.
    Some great advice would be great!…? umm yep well you know what I mean.

    1. What version of SharpKeys are you using and what versions of Windows? There could be some mismatch of x86, x64, or ARM – you’ll also need to make sure that you’re running the app with admin privileges for the changes to stick. Worst case, as you’re on Windows 10 now, you can also try Windows PowerToys as they have an active remapper that would work differently.

  85. Thanks for creating this great tool brother, but i’ve a question
    i have disabled my enter key since it’s broken and changed my enter to another key that
    still function normal, but strange things is whenever i play game
    the enter key that i have disabled it’s ON again! how to disabled the key inside the game then??

  86. This is a pretty sketchy application and despite the author’s best advice being ‘you’re screwed’ you should make sure you have a restore point before use. That will reset your registry.

    1. Wow. Everything you said in your comment is completely inaccurate. You should be in government with that train of logic.

  87. one salient point at a time, rand
    everything i said is correct especially the

    **** RESTORE POINT **** advice. (win 10)

    (it saved me from randies laissez faire code)

    1. Creating a restore point before making a system change is never a bad idea but it does not reset your Registry. It restores the Registry (as well as drivers and other system level settings) back to the point they were at when you created the restore point, except anything that involves firmware.

      That said, I’d love to know how the app is sketchy, when the entirety of the source code is on github for viewing and editing as well as complete details on how to reset the remappings should you need to. So again, you should really be in government, given your ability to ignore logic while driving a train of thought to get to your 5 seconds of attention.

  88. After latest Windows Update (2021-08) when I press the F11 key the Windows 10 “Settings” window opens. I was using the F11 in ManicTime to open the Screenshot Toolbar Menu. That no longer works. I downloaded Sharpkeys39 and tried to block the F11. Unfortunately it did not work. Any suggestions?

  89. Dude, can you answer my question too? i wonder why the only person you don’t answer
    is only my question..

    i have disabled my enter key since it’s broken and changed my enter to another key that
    still function normal, but strange things is whenever i play game
    the enter key that i have disabled it’s ON again! how to disabled the key inside the game then??

    1. Um, there’s no SLA for responses to a blog. I’ve been travelling the last week.

      Games sometimes by pass the Windows keyboard routines and SharpKeys is an app that updates a Registry key that Windows then uses to perform the remapping.

      Windows PowerToys may be an option. Likewise, remapping the Enter key in game can disable there, per game.

  90. Would this allow me to make this change:
    – My ASUS laptop’s shortcut to page up is Fn+Up Arrow, but this requires two hands. I’d like to be able to use my right Ctrl button + Up Arrow to page up. (However, I do not want my right Ctrl button to be a permanent Fn button.)

  91. Thank you for the program, Randy. Is there a way to bind my capslock key to shift so that when I press shift the caps always stay on as a normal capslock key functions? At the moment it just acts like a shift key only capitalizing while it is held down, but I want it to remain on when I press it once.

    1. You can definitely map Caps Lock to Shift, but it will not act like “Shift Lock.” The “lock” part of the button is only applicable to the lock keys, e.g. Caps Lock, Num Lock, etc.

  92. Nope.

    Lenovo T14 running Windows 11 & .NET framework 4.8

    Will not reverse left Fn and Ctrl keys. Does not even come close to working. Just disables both keys.

  93. On version 3.93 I am trying to remap the Keychron “Screenprint” key and the app says “You have entered a key that SharpKeys doesn’t know about.” on using TypeKey function it displays the key code as “00_100”.

    1. Sorry, no – from the FAQ:
      Q: Type a Key shows 00_100 – can I remap this key?
      A: 00_100 is a catch all code that Windows reports when a key is captured by hardware or some other driver so there’s no way to successfully remap that key, especially since multiple keys can return the same 00_100 code.

  94. Hello Sharpkey,

    There is a message in the app that i need to check the site for an updat.
    i am using an azerty (french) keyboard and i pressed the z key to be remapped to a
    and the sharpkey app displays (00_100) but can not recognize it. Any idea :)

    The azerty keyboard is for gaming

  95. Need help.

    I was remapping my fn keys function for my mechanical keyboard however when I back it to its normal keys function & try to delete the registry it won’t restore to it’s original function such as f5 as refresh & f11 as fullscreen.

    How can I restore my fn function keys back to its original function.

    1. Regardless of the keys being remapped, if you open SharpKeys, remove all the entries, save it out the to the Registry, and reboot, all remappings will be removed from the system going forward.

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