Monday Morning Quarterbacking? Hold My Remote

I for one am amazed by how many accomplished writers and producers there are on social media and are so willing to share their wisdom by telling the world how they *know* how to produce a show that would be much better than Game of Thrones.

Oh right! 99% of them are not writers or producers and the only thing they’ve put on TV is their remote as they Monday morning quarterback the universe and say things like “lazy writing” because heard a sound clip while watching Deadpool.

How about ya STFU, go watch Murder She Wrote or CSI, and save the planet’s bandwidth? GoT will never, ever follow whatever “rules” you expect them to. Some time that makes for a good shock, sometimes a bad shock. Either way, it’s never going to live up to whatever level you’ve hyped it up to in your mind so why try to make the comparison?

Anyone complaining the morning, after watching the penultimate episode of the series, has likely missed the whole point of the journey that GRRM started with the series: if you want easy satisfaction, a feeling that the righteous have won, or don’t like the discomfort when you see that “if Woody had gone straight to the police, this would have never happened,” then this is not the story for you. There’s no happy ever after. There’s no one saved at the last minute. You want a happy ending? To watch the Fifty Shades trilogy or Hunger Games.

The whole eight seasons keep you off balanced and uncomfortable because that’s what it’s there for. The outcome of the siblings – either pair – isn’t support to be satisfying. Daenerys’ actions didn’t resonate with you because they weren’t supposed to nor would they be telegraphed ahead of time.

Honestly, if you want to be pissed at anyone, be pissed at George for being like a decade late in finishing the book series. Tolkien has been dead since 1972 and he’s written more in the last ten years than GRRM has.

The last episode of MASH was weird and boring. The last episode of the Sopranos made me want to break furniture. The last episode of Cheers was masterful. The last episode of Six Feet Under was the best series wrap up I’ve ever scene.

You are a passenger on these stories: you don’t own them, control them, or change them. I’m sure there will be an online petition soon to put a coffee cup into the last episode or PETA will suddenly complain about the treatment of dragons on screen, but no amount of teeth gnashing or wailing outside the city walls is going to change a damned thing. Get your ticket punched and enjoy the ride.

Valar morghulis.

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