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Second Look: Comcast DVR

RandyRants.com: “I just noticed that I COULD NOT Fast Forward, Rewind, etc. through “24” or “American Idol” when watching them via MyDVR last night. My neighbor reports the same thing… anyone got news on WHY Comcast is disabling this?! Thast’s a terrible move.” — Larry

Uh-oh. Anyone else want to weigh in on this? I don’t watch either show, so I haven’t seen this. Both are on Fox, so it might be a network deal that they made with Comcast – it could be particular for these two shows. Or it coulda been a malfunction (although I don’t think it was). Hell, it could even been something the Comcast is funking with – I’ll be TiVo’ing recording The Apprentice tonight, so I’ll try skipping around in it.

Complete bunk, if this is the coming trend for Comcast – maybe I’m not completely done with TiVo or ReplayTV, after all…

Update: More on this here thanks to Tommy. I’m also going to record “American Idol” on HD (FOX) tonight and see what happens… I won’t be watching the show tho. Honest.