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E3: Post Briefing

We had a pre-briefing on Monday before the E3 Briefing that happened last night… was I glued to the TV last night to watch it? Um, yeah. There were things discussed last night that even we didn’t know about. Like Disney content being added to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Or Resident Evil 5. Or Virtua Fighter 5. Gears of War on the PC? Oops, wait, I knew about that one *g* but I didn’t know about the new content in the game. Besides, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing people that I see in my cafeteria on a regular basis on TV… if anything I’m jealous that some people got to play Rock Band already… grr.

One thing that does amuse me is the “uproar” that Microsoft didn’t announce a price cut on the 360 console. I don’t get that. The Elite is still cheaper than the cheapest PS3 – and it has twice as much memory. I mean, it’s spiff for PS3 fans that they can save some cash, but I still think the 360 is a better bargain… especially with all of the titles that we announced last night. Nice, too, that all of the footage shown as in-game footage and not “demo” footage. So was the rock band playing Halo music live to open the briefing – that was really sweet.

And a special thanks to G4tv for buzz cutting the Halo 3 reel… jeez.