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Warning: Evil Midget Crossing

Want to know what’s been irking me lately? Of course you do – why would you be clicking here if you didn’t? As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been writing a book – for no reason what so ever – and I’ve been making headway on it, one chapter at a time. Actually, since it’s more of an anthology than a novel, each chapter is its own short story, so I’m really working on one story at a time. I usually write at home and proofread on the train some mornings – I find that I can’t do the reverse because lately I find that I fall asleep while reading anything at home. Also, on the train rides, if I decide to write anything, it’s usually blog entries, because something that morning sets me off. Today is no exception to that rule, since I was planning on proofreading Chapter 16, but I realized something new was irking me this morning.
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