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So. Much. Fail.

FoxSports: The Rev. Jesse Jackson is urging baseball’s All-Stars to speak out against the Arizona immigration law, saying they should follow the example set by Jackie Robinson when he broke the game’s color barrier more than a half-century ago.

Because… why?

For once I think this confuses me to the point of not having a point aside from this is full of Fail.

Features We Lack Due To Stupid Decisions

This ended up being a longer list than I expected it to, but I felt it needed to keep it going… you see, there’s a bunch of devices that I own and use on a regular basis that are good. Really good. Good enough that I would recommend them to other people. But most of them have one or two irksome things that hold the device from being a great device. It’s usually some missing feature that you look at the thing and say “why can’t they do that?” For me, I ask “why don’t they do that?” because, after writing software for two decades, I know that most anything is possible even on new mobile devices. For me, it’s not a question of can but it’s a question of will and there’s almost always a CEO saying “It’s better this way, so we aren’t going to change it” rather than sucking it up and giving the public what they want.

And thus begins the list of shame.
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