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GTA V: A New Parent’s Reaction

I have an 11 month old son sleeping upstairs and disc 1 of Grand Theft Auto V sitting in the tray of my 360.

Why am I writing a blog post instead of playing the game? Or the better question: now that I have a son, what do I think of my past opinions about GTA being a valued franchise for gaming consoles… I mean, before I was a parent, I always defended this series as being fun and important to each generation. This is covered ground. I almost feel like I should repost any of the GTA or violence in video games or Jack Thompson posts from the past…

Now that I’m a father, I still wouldn’t change a fsckin’ thing.
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GTA: San Andreas

Ya know, it wasn’t until tonight that I realized that I never finished GTA:VC (Vice City). I know I forgot about it for almost eight months at one point (the saved game had a time stamp) after I discovered Halo and I sorta left the game on a shelf… In spite of that, it’s because of GTA3 that I got a PlayStation2 (just like Halo was why I got an Xbox), so it should come as no surprise that I was out at Fred Meyer at 7am today, asking about GTA:SA… first impression is “Um, why do people have a ten on their hats?”
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