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Halo 2 For Vista: Released!

Is it out? Depends on who you ask. People are found it at Circuit City and a couple of other places. I know I have copy waiting for me at work. And I know I’ve written about it before, since I was indirectly tied to it as it was in development…

Whether it’s out or not isn’t the question – the question that I get from most people is “Why?”
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Halo 2 For Vista: Tray & Play

For the last year I’ve watched – and worked with – Hired Gun as they’ve worked on Halo 2 for Vista. As part of the work that I’ve helped with in months past – and as an active beta tester – is something called Tray & Play. Jo talks about it at IGN – it was also called out as a feature in other preview news during GDC this year.

How cool is this type of technology for PC gamers? Let me give you an example: the first time you play Halo 2 for Vista it takes less time to get into the game on my notebook than it took to get into Resistance – Fall of Man on a PS3.

Yes, the initial PC install process beat the most recent gaming console’s setup.
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