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Told You I Couldn’t Tell You

A little while ago, I had a long drawn-out post about something I couldn’t talk about. Was all stuff that had to be said. Some even left in the comments “that’s a lot of talk for not saying anything”. Had to be done.

Today, I was reading on the interwebs about a group of gamers got their hands on a less-than-legal copy of the same title… not only were their Xbox Live accounts banned from XBL but their consoles were banned as well. Until the beginning of the year 10000. Not too bad since the game ships in 18 days… A recap of the saga is on Xbox 360 Fanboy but I also have to point out that after they were banned, the nimrods went to the Xbox forums for technical support. Classic!

This is why the other post was so long and why I’m still not saying anything about it: as an employee they’d have the right to leave my dripping severed hear hanging on a pike in front of our office building…

And quite rightfully so.