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The State of our Union

And so we’ve been given the state of our Union, as seen through the eyes of President Bush. What I’m most amused by this morning is the press and their reaction to the State of the Union address from last night. I purposely listened to the speech myself last night, tuning into Fox about 9:08pm EST. I noticed that for the most of the first half of the address, President Bush focused on internal and national based concerns, including healthcare and education and tax cuts. For the second half of the address, he described his thoughts on and alluded to the proof of Iraq defying the UN-based resolutions, with regards to the lack of weapons disarmament. He also points out that we used diplomacy throughout the 90’s with North Korea, who purposely stated that they abandoned their nuclear program only to discover eight years later that they lied and are now nuclear weapons capable. Judging by what I saw today on TV and heard on the radio, the press missed the first 40 minutes of the address last night.
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