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I Smell A …Religion Forming

When I heard about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, I raised and eye brow and thought “what did he win that for?” I thought about it… I remembered the SNL skit from a couple of weeks ago, about how he hasn’t really done most of what he promised. Did he win, simply for becoming President? I shrugged it off. Throughout the course of the day I saw many comments online about it. Some people were upset about it – “he doesn’t deserve shit!” and “did he win for destroying the US?!” – which I also shrugged off because that’s nothing but crap. I found that most people asked same thing I did: “what did he win for?” And a few other people praised our leader for it…

It’s that last group that this Rant comes from. It’s been knocking around my mind for a couple of days now, but since last night it’s in the foreground. While I was going to leave it alone… well, that just wouldn’t be me.

You see, the liberal and free-thinking Democrats are quickly becoming just as single-minded and blinded by a saviour as any other religious group (i.e. Republicans) are and they just don’t know it.
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