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Gypped: A Thanksgiving Day Story

More of a poll than a Rant and more for my US readers than not, but this is open to all (as usual) but I have the following question to ask: who had turkey on Thanksgiving Day? Did I? No, I didn’t – not one piece of white meat or a crumb of stuffing. Burnt? No, it was golden brown and looked pretty damned tasty; my uncle never screws up cooking the bird. Dropped? Shot? Fried? Eaten by dogs? No. We didn’t get to it. For some reason my family feels it has to show our Italian heritage by having pasta (and a lot of it) between appetizers and the turkey. It’s an all day event and has been for years on end – most years we end up taking some of the bird home – but this year there was no time left for it. I’ve argued that since we eat pasta all the time we could skip it – meaning that we should be American for a day – but I always lose this argument, and so I had no turkey this year. The pasta was tasty by the way, but that’s not the point… What I want to know is am I the only American that went to a Thanksgiving Day dinner and didn’t have turkey?