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They Said “Fur”

MSN: PETA attacks Nintendo over fur-wearing Mario

Does PETA have to protest itself for shark jumping? I mean, is this what happens with hippies achieve their dream and have nothing left to complain about?

Let’s be clear: it’s a game. Worse, it’s a rehash of a game. Mario was swinging that tail back in the early 90’s if memory serves. This is a refresh, not even new IP, and Mario doesn’t capture a racoon to get the suit: he jumps below a block to get a power up icon… if the Mason’s are OK with this wanton destruction of blocks, what is the argument here? we don’t even know that the fur that Mario wears is real fur. If Ninty puts out a press release saying that it’s faux fur, would that be OK? Is this some reaction to the game being in 3D? Did some treehugger get confused and think this was a window into reality?

Hell, if you’re going to go after Mario for the alleged fur costume, why not tag the poor bastard for jumping on the backs of turtles, knocking crabs upside down in the 80’s, or shooting living snapping flowers with fireballs?

I swear: it makes me want to go skin a chinchilla for a 3DS case just to spike these people.