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Potter Mania

I have a copy coming from Amazon. I reserved a copy from my local Borders. I’ve heard $20 million in security to prevent leaks. [I may already know what happens in spite of this.] I’ve seen it all over news in all media formats. I went to Borders this morning a half hour after they opened to wait in line so that I could get a bracelet that would allow me to wait in another line tonight at midnight to pick up my copy. The line was around the corner, up the stairs, and down for 1/4 of the length of the mall, which rivals the line for Halo 2 back in November 2004.

I’m… amazed and in love with this.

And to that I give major kudos to Rowling. Sure there’s been this mania for movies, concerts, videos, and games. But a book?

This has got to be the biggest book launch of all time. Books have had been around for the last four thousand years – when was the last time that there’s been a buzz like this for a release? This is an amazing feat. Never mind the fact that she has gotten kids to want to read but she’s got kids, their parents, and random adults wait in lines for hours to read her work… it’s an awesome thing.

Very well done, indeed!