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Apple a la Service?

Why isn’t this a GeekStuff entry? Because it’s a Rant, even if it is of a Geek nature. I’ve had one of the new Apple PowerBook 12’s for a little bit over a month and a half now, and I’m about to send it in for service. For a second time. The first pBook that I got was a defective model that lasted a total of three days, due to a mostly dead ComboDrive. Since it was a new purchase – made at a local CompUSA no less! – I was able to return it and pick up a new and working model. This, being the second pBook and now a month old, is going back to AppleCare for servicing, for up to four different problems: wobbling, battery door problems, case concerns, and heat.
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And so it Continues…

And so my little portable heater is still warming up my life, a day at a time. Yes, thats, right I’m still a Mac user a full two weeks into my trial Switch. Don’t get me wrong, though – I’m still very reliant on my PC’s, so there’s no way I could Switch over everything; in fact I’m selling my Power Mac G4 tower right now on eBay. If I decide I need two Apple computers in my life, I’ll get a new one. As nice as it is to see some applications on both platforms, there are differences between the platforms; someone even has a “Get used to your new Mac” type book which shows you how a Mac works from a Windows user’s perspective. One thing that I have done is returned my Sony 505JL notebook back to work because I’m “mostly” done with PC notebooks… at least for the time being. I did keep my really old Celeron Sony N505VE, so I must have one small, minute, lingering doubt! And now, the details, and since this goes through a dark valley to climb to a bright peak, please read the whole thing before flaming my mailbox!
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