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Oh… You’re One of Them?

I’m watching a couple of guys replace all of the blinds in my house, at the moment, while keeping up with the post-shipping activities in the office. Guy says to me, “So which division of Microsoft are you in?” Seems the well connected nature of the house screams “Tech Worker” and just by the odds alone, he guessed at the company. We talked a bit about how MS is good for the local economy and how all the Penguin Heads can forget that a large company has a bigger impact in the Real World than just in technology.

He seemed surprised that an IT Geek was able to hang one of the vertical blind on his own; I told him it was already up there and was just a replacement, so it was easy… I then mentioned how the painters had painted over the brackets, that my refrigerator was originally installed off balanced, that my washer has to be repaired, and that I might have to get a guy out here to look at the Pergo floor that might be separating… I followed that with how SDET’s never seem to be able to turn off the defect finding, analytical dissection thought process that we seem to fling at anything we encounter, once we get into that mindset.

My installers don’t look as happy as they did when they first got here, but I can’t figure out why.

What is an SDET?

Random work related entry.

What is a Software Development Engineer in Test [SDET]? In it’s most abstract form, an SDET is a developer that writes software with the purpose of testing other software. In ‘softie terms, if SDE writes software with the focus of producing a product, an SDET writes software to test the SDE’s product. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last 16 months, and for the most part it’s been a satisfying experience, although there have been a hiccup or two recently… but the question I that of role: “what does an SDET do” for a product.
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